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Galdan Namchot Festival

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    All Over Ladakh

Jammu and Kashmir remains vibrant with colorful festivals all year through, giving them a fine respite from the hard way of living in this northern most state of India. Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir is mainly famous for the monastic festivals , a number of which takes place throughout the year. These monastic festivals are essentially dance dramas performed by the monks who dress up colorfully in robes and masks and perform the different aspects of religion in a festive manner.One such festival of a sociao religious scale is the Galdan Namchot in Ladakh. It is mainly celebrated to commemorate the birthday and the Buddhahood of the Tibetan saint-scholar, Tsongkhapa. Tsongkhapa was the founder of the Gelukpa School that preached Tibetan Buddhism during the 14th century. In the later years, this Gelukpa School emerged as a major and dominant monastic order in the central Tibet region.

The Festival of Galdan Namchot

Galdan Namchat Festival is celebrated with a grand fervor by the people in Ladakh. All the monasteries as well as other public and residential buildings are lit up to present a beautiful sight across Ladakh. The Galdan Namchot marks the beginning of the New Year celebrations in Ladakh and continues till the Dosmoche festival. A custom of the Galdan Namchot Festival is the preparation of all kinds of traditional dishes such as the thukpa. People visit friends and families and hold feasts together. There is festive spirit in the year.

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