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Bhavbhuti Samaroh Gwalior

(Last Updated 13 May, 2023)

  • Dates :

    25/12/2023 - 25/12/2023

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Bhavbhuti Samaroh in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh is one of the oldest festivals held in the city of Gwalior with excessive pomp and gaiety. Gwalior with its integral association with the musicians of worldwide reputation has a strong musical background. The art and culture of Gwalior is also worth admiring. Tansen is considered to be the musical genius here and the city owes much to him even to this day.

It was Tansen who used to adorn the court of Akbar. Especially in his honor, music programs are held as part and parcel of Gwalior's culture. Not only are these music programs extremely popular, but these are pleasantly complimented by some ancient cultures with an attempt to revive their essence through cultural programs and festivals. One such cultural festival is the Bhavbhuti Samaroh in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Reason for celebration of Bhavbhuti Samaroh:

Sanskrit is among the oldest languages in India. Of Pali, Prakrit and Sanskrit, only the last one has been able to revive through the ravages of time; Sanskrit is a glorious language in which Chanakya's slokas finds ample expression; it also throws light into some of the indispensable manuscripts related to ancient ages.

We come to know of the cultures, religious ideas and doctrines of these ages from the manuscripts. It has therefore been felt important to revive this antique language through cultural programs so that people become interested and also understand the essence of this language. Thus Bhavbhuti Samaroh in Gwalior is held in Madhya Pradesh.

Description of Bhavbhuti Samaroh:

Sanskrit cultural programs at Bhavbhuti Samaroh in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh essentially consists of recital of Sanskrit doctrines, enacting of some famous drama like Abhigyanam Shakuntalam by Kalidasa, Kumarasambhavam by Kalidasa, and Raghuvamsam by the same author. These are actually the trilogies of Kalidasa which are enacted with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Apart from these plays some parts of epical dramas of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata also inspires people. A very interesting part of the Bhavbhuti Samaroh in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh celebration involves enacting nature in various ways. The enactments are based on the concept of the Puranas which divides the Universe in the following ways:

  • Sarga:- The creation of the universe.
  • Pratisarga:- Secondary creations, mostly re-creations after dissolution.
  • Vamsa:- Genealogy of gods and sages.
  • Manvantara:- The creation of the human race and the first human beings.
  • Vamsanucaritam:- Dynastic histories

Apart from these, at Bhavbhuti Samaroh the following plays are also enacted. They include Kiratarjuniya which was composed by Bharavi, Shishupala Vadha which was a marvelous creation by Sri Maagha, Naishadiya Charitam that was composed by Sri Harsha.

Thus you can see the entire drama of ancient India being enacted in front of you while at the Bhavbhuti Samaroh in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. It is thus an interesting cultural festival held in Madhya Pradesh.

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