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Lokrang Samaroh Bhopal

(Last Updated 16 Jan, 2024)

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    26/01/2024 - 30/01/2024

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Bhopal is a land of religion and culture. It celebrates the spirit of India through its varied Fairs and Festivals in India, Bhopal. These Fairs and Festivals are integral part of Indian heritage. They are celebrated in order to revive old Indian cultures which are on the verge of extinction. This attempt makes these festivals unique and attractive.

People come to know of the conventional cultures, exclusive folk cultures that belong to their own country. Herein lies the importance of these Fairs and Festivals in India.

Celebration of Lokrang Samaroh Festival

During the auspicious hour of Republic Day, Lokrang Samaroh in Bhopal is usually held. To honor the day, this festival is held in Bhopal. But the festival does not remain confined to a single day. For five consecutive days, a fair is held to commemorate ancient Indian cultures. These ancient mores are on the doorsill of extermination. Lokrang Samaroh tries its best to revive these cultures. This festival is celebrated in Bhopal for the last 19 years.

Since each state in India has a background of its own, there are numerous heritage cultures in this country. Lokrang Samaroh, Bhopal, tries to speculate each of these. Every year it is held with a definite motive. Sometimes it concentrates on West Indian cultures and portrays Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan's heritage while at others it concentrates on the North Indian cultures and focuses on Jammu Kashmir and Himachal heritage.

One gets to see the rich pageantry of life at Lokrang Samaroh in Bhopal. Tribal folk dances are performed, tribal arts are on display. This festival's actual motive is to erase the geo-political demarcations and make India a unified whole.

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