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Ellora Ajanta Aurangabad Festival

(Last Updated 11 Jul, 2022)

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A combination of grandeur, skill, and artistry, Ellora Ajanta Festival Aurangabad encapsulates the cultural heritage of India. It combines the different aspects of the rich Indian culture and brings it all in one place for visitors to experience and behold its spectacle.

The Ellora Festival is commonly regarded as the Ellora Ajanta Festival and is organized by Maharashtra Tourism Development (MTDC). Presently held at the Soneri Mahal in Aurangabad, it attracts a lot of people from around and across the country. Not just this, it gives a platform to new talent in India and abroad to showcase their love for classical music and dance.

The emphasis of the entire festival is on promoting the historic sites in Aurangabad like Kailash Temple, Bibi-ka-Maqbara along with displaying the Indian classical form of art. Many artisans and craftsmen also gather here to promote their handicrafts and exceptional work of art created by them. You can see famous celebrities like Hema Malini performing dance forms on this platform.

Dates and Duration

Ellora Ajanta Festival Aurangabad is celebrated every year in the month of October or January for three days. 

Ellora Ajanta Festival 2023 date (estimated) - January 13

Places Where it is celebrated

This festival is hosted at the Soneri Mahal in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Historical Significance

Now shifted to Soneri Mahal, Ellora Ajanta Festival was initially celebrated at the Ellora Caves or specifically at the heritage site of the Kailash Temple of the Ellora Caves. Made over the course of 150 years by a minimum of 700 people, Kailash temple is well-known for its large monolithic sculpture, which is the largest in the world.

Ellora Caves are a combination of 34 caves devoted to Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. The location of the festival at the caves made them shine brighter than their usual mystic sheen.

In the year 2002, the site was shifted to Soneri Mahal, a magnificent palace. Not to mention, the Ellora Ajanta Festival has been shaped by several dynasties that ruled over the Aurangabad region like the Mughals, the Khiljis, and the Yadavas. They successfully added their own bit to this festival and what you see today is a fusion of various forms of culture and art that offers a unique experience.

What to expect during this festival

Some of the major highlights of this festival include-

  • You will get to witness graceful Kathak and Odissi forms of Indian dance.
  • Several famous dancers present dance performances in front of mystical legends and other architecture of Ellora.
  • Activities like Mehandi, bhajans, painting, cookery, and other games and competitions are very popular at the event.
  • You will also get the opportunity to see other historical sites in Aurangabad including Bibi ka Maqbara, Daulatabad, and Ellora Caves.

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