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Cheiraoba Festival

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

  • Dates :

    14/04/2021 - 14/04/2021

  • Location :


On the lap of Himalaya lies a picturesque state named Manipur. This state is famous for its scenic beauty, silent hills and green vegetation. The state is an isolated land from the main land yet it bears a rich heritage and culture. Manipur , the small state in north eastern part of India is the store house natural resources. The solitary hills of Himalaya, the deep gorge and the innocent people make a perfect combination as a tourist spot. Tourists visiting Manipur will surely get impressed with their traditional customs and heritage which still shows their individuality and uniqueness.

Description of Cheiraoba Festival:

Manipur, the small hilly state with a unique customs attracts tourist. Cheiraoba Festival is the celebration of New Year festival in Manipur. This is a sacred festival of Manipur when all the people welcome the new year grandly. The locals clean their houses and decorate them. The local deity is worshipped and relatives visit one another’s place. Exchange of gifts and ideas take place. This festival is only celebrated by Hindus but Muslims of Manipur too take part and make the occasion a grand one. On the very day the local climb the nearest hill tops which signifies the rise of human civilization in greater heights in every sphere.

Time For Celebration of Cheiraoba Festival:

Cheiraoba Festival takes place in the month of April. The new year is received with great ideas and traditional customs. The society of Manipur is not at all open but tourist visit the state to experience the unique tradition that exists in the society and customs.

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