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Chumpha Festival, Manipur

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

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Manipur is one of the best-kept secrets of North East India because it is unspoiled by mass tourism. Visiting Manipur is an experience unlike any other. It has got some breathtaking landscapes, virgin natural beauty. This state in North East India provides tourists the best chance to rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Peace prevails in Manipur, where you visit and whatever you do! But that is not the only reason to visit Manipur. The state is known for its rich cultural values and has a strong influence on tribal communities. So, it is obvious that the cultural and traditional charm in Manipur is not oh-so-common. Here festivals are celebrated with immense exuberance. Manipur, the merriment land, is always busy with one festival or the other throughout the year. Different cultures and races in Manipur have different festivals to celebrate, and each rejoices with equal passion and zeal.

One such festival in Manipur is Chumpha Festival. The Tangkhul Nagas of Manipur celebrate this festival. This community is a major ethnic group living in Manipur over many ages. It is an important harvest festival. During this amazing festival, locals show gratitude towards God for their harvested crops. The enthusiasm of this festival is equal to the zeal of Baisakhi celebrated in North India. Both festivals hold similar significance and are celebrated in favor of thanking mighty God for excellent crops.

How is The Chumpha Festival Celebrated in Manipur?

The Chumpha Festival in Manipur is celebrated for 7 days after the harvest. It starts at the end of the year in December. The festival comprises traditional prayers, cultural performances, and whirling dance performances. In this intriguing harvesting festival, both locals and tourists who visit Manipur enjoy witnessing the amazing culture of Manipur. In the last 3 days, social gatherings with friends, relatives, and household members occur in a unique style.

Women throughout the Chumpha Festival in Manipur hold crucial importance and are considered vital for the celebration, according to the Tangkhul Nagas. Locals rejoice in special moments and emotions with their loved ones in the village premises. An amazing parade is marked at the end of the Chumpha Festival, performed in the village premises.

Activities Carried Out in Chumpha Festival

During the first four days of the Chumpha Festival, people show their thankfulness toward God. But the real celebration begins at the last three days when the local people gather together. Below mentioned are the major activities which are carried out during the last three days.
Mass Gathering
The local gets super excited during this harvesting festival in Manipur. The commencement of the Chumpha Festival is done with family members. Locals gather in a group with their loved ones living in and around. It is usually done to strengthen the bond and relationship within the community.
Colorful Dresses Displays Rich Culture and Tradition
Throughout the Chumpha Festival, locals wear cultural and traditional attire. Tourists can see locals wearing their local dress. During the Chumpha Festival, men wear Machung with headgears, while the women wear Kashans followed by Tangkhul Dance performances.
Mouthwatering Local Food is Prepared
Local mouthwatering food is served amongst the local community. The villagers prepare their traditional dishes like fermented vegetables, Ngari, pork, and rice. The mass gathering of people enjoy the local dish - just like we all do in our culturally associated festivals.
Parade or Procession

Last but not least, when the Chumpha Festival is about to end on the next day, a parade is carried out within the village premises. If you plan to visit Manipur during the gathering of the Chumpha Festival, you will be awed by the cultural extravaganza.

Where is the Chumpha Festival Celebrated in Manipur?

The celebration of the Chumpha Festival majorly takes place in Imphal - the capital of Manipur.
Note: Chumpha Festival is celebrated by locals in Manipur at many other places. It entirely depends upon the settlement of Tangkhul Nagas - where they reside. It is best to discuss where the Chumpha Festival will take place in Manipur other than Imphal if you are planning to plunge into this culturally rich festive gathering.

Duration of Chumpha Festival in Manipur in 2021

The date of the Chumpha Festival in Manipur is not disclosed yet. However, you can keep a check on the Manipur tourism official website for the festive dates. Moreover, you can flick through our website to know more.

Travel Tips for Attending Chumpha Festival in Manipur in 2021

Manipur is in North East India, and when Chumpha Festival is celebrated there, it marks the tourist season. It is obvious that during the celebration month, the accommodation throughout Manipur gets expensive. If you want to hunt for good deals on accommodation, you better book your staycation in advance.

Tips you must know to Attend Chumpha Festival in Manipur in 2021

  • Plan your visit accordingly with the festive dates.
  • Choose to stay in homestays with locals - at least on the last day of the grand celebration.

How to Reach Manipur?

By air: The nearest airport to reach Manipur is in its capital - Imphal. The distance between Imphal airport to Manipur is 17 km (approx.). The name of the airport is Bir Tikendrajit International Airport. It is well connected with major Indian towns like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, etc.
By railway: The nearest railway station to reach Manipur is in Dimapur. The distance between the railway station and Manipur is 225 km (approx.). The regular train runs from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Guwahati etc.
By road: A road trip to Manipur is suggested only if you live in and around Manipur cities like Aizawl, Dimapur, Itanagar, Kohima, Shillong, and Agartala, etc. 

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