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Ramjan ID in Manipur

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

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A number of festivals and celebrations mark the calendar in Manipur and keep the festive spirit high. Due to a large number of people from different cultures living side by side in Manipur, all the festivals are celebrated with vivacity and enthusiasm. The Muslims also are no exception and like anywhere in the world, the Ramjan Id in Manipur is also celebrated with vigor and fervor. Ramjan is celebrated by the Muslim population anywhere in the world, in the ninth month of the Hijri. Ramjan ID in Manipur is the biggest and the most popular of the festivals of the Muslims there (Meitei Pangal).

Description of Ramjan ID in Manipur

Ramjan has been celebrated by Muslims since the time of Prophet Mohammed. During this festival of Ramjan Id in Manipur, the Muslims do not eat any food, drink or indulge in any activities such as smoking, from pre dawn to the time the sun sets. The whole month is spent on constant prayers till the night the new moon comes up. It is then, on the second day of the shawwl during the Ramjan ID that the month long fast is broken. The day the fast is broken is called the Id-Ul-Fitre. This day of joyous communion is celebrated with big delicious feasts, exchange of greetings between the Muslims and rejoicing. All the Muslims in Manipur go to the mosques on this day to offer prayers and enjoy feasts. Ramjan Id in Manipur is celebrated with a lot of passion and zeal by the Muslims residing in Manipur.

Time for celebrating Ramjan ID in Manipur

The Ramjan Id takes place for a whole month before the ID-Ul-Fitre, which falls on the new moon day of the lunar month of Shawwl. It is the celebrations of Id-Ul-Fitre that marks the end of the Ramjan Id.

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