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Fairs and Festivals in Mizoram

Generally inhabited by the tribal people Mizoram is one of the exquisite tourist locale in India. It is generally inhabited by the Mongoloids, considered to be the direct descendent of the Chinese, and the earliest Mizoram groups are called the Kukis, and the second group is known as the New Kukis.

But Christianity brought a total transformation to the Mizo Tribes. It was an effort from the Missionaries that led to the gradual transformation of the tribal men. The Fairs and Festivals in Mizoram points out the Mixed Culture of the Tribal population, and the vibrancy associated with it indicate the glamour and vigor of the inhabitants.

Description of the Fairs and Festivals in Mizoram:

There are numerous Fairs and Festivals in Mizoram and the Spring Festival also known as the Chapchar Kut is the most important. It is a traditional carnival in Mizoram when the men and women gather with colorful attires and bedeck themselves with jewelry.

Conventional songs are hummed accompanied with drum beats, gongs and cymbals. Afterwards there is also an event of dancing that is said to indicate the celebration of life. They seem to take pleasure in life, and like the Anonymous speaker who said "Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead", they too inculcate in them the urge to survive, and proliferate.

The Mim Kut is another form of celebration of the rich harvest and is accompanied with various folk dances and vibrant games and jovial songs. During this festival, guitars and flute music is also played.

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List of Fair and Festivals in Mizoram

Start Date: 05/03/2021
End Date: 05/03/2021

The Chapchar Kut Festival is one of the extravagant Fiestas in Mizoram's Festivals and is regarded as one of the grand carnivals that are held... read more»

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Mim Kut is a religious Festival held in Mizoram. It is a vibrant and colorful fiesta that is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. It is... read more»

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Pawl Kut in Mizoram is a colorful harvest festival that is accompanied with ballet, songs and jollity. There is a historical concoction to the Pawl... read more»