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Pawl Kut Mizoram

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

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Pawl Kut in Mizoram is a colorful harvest festival that is accompanied with ballet, songs and jollity. There is a historical concoction to the Pawl Kut Festival. In the ancient times the Mizos had been staying in the eastern part of the Tiau River. This is in Chin Hills, presently contained by the Burma Border.

Once these Mizos faced a strong challenge because for three consecutive years there was no rain and the fields were dry and incapable of producing crops. So, they asked for the blessings of God who listened to their request and send them rain. In that year there was a bumper crop. Men of Mizoram rejoiced the bliss with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. From here the Pawl Kut Festival in Mizoram emerged.

Description of the Pawl Kut Festival in Mizoram:

After its emergence the fiesta continued to be held in Mizoram amidst extensive fanfare. Pawl Kut Festival in Mizoram is feted as part of thanksgiving to the Lord for his kind assistance in the harvest of Mizos. This richly hued fiesta reminds that incident again and again.

The fascinating part of this ceremony is the extensive meal consisting of meat and egg. A day is usually fixed for the carnival before the original ceremony, in which men depart for hunting expeditions and fishing trips. Enough meat is assembled according to one’s capacity. Even the poorest man is supposed to kill at least a fowl for his family.

The women of the family bring in prepared dishes. It consists of rice, boiled eggs and meat. Feeding one another is part and parcel of the Chhawnghnawt. This is also attended extensively by the younger members of the family. In the fiesta the man and women rejoice in Zu drinking, that generally occurs in the household of a rich person.

The Pawl Kut Festival in Mizoram is usually followed by a day of rest. This is known as Eipuar Awim Ni. After the advent of Christian Missionaries, however, these festivals are gradually vanishing.

Time for the celebration of the Pawl Kut Festival:

Pawl Kut is celebrated in December, before the advent of spring which brings in more colors to the carnival.

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