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Amongmong Festival

(Last Updated 18 Aug, 2023)

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    01/09/2023 - 07/09/2023

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Amongmong Festival in Nagaland is a pre-Harvest festival of the Sangam tribe. This festival celebrates with the prime aim of the promotion of togetherness. This 6-day festival is celebrated with extreme zeal and enthusiasm by the people who worship their local deities. Moreover, the people of the tribes place 3 cuisine stones close to the fireplace to accomplish the tribe’s health, good harvest, and prosperity.


The village priest announces in the night and then the following day reads out the declaration about the festival. The villagers make arrangements for food and exceptional wines (Rohi and Madhu), and the villagers arrange firewood. Then the priest goes on with his announcement to break up the spirit of the dead from the living ones of the tribes. This festival is celebrated to get a good harvest, which is the special significance. Singkitshaa is the first day of Amongmong.

6-day Celebration of Amongmong festival

  • Singkitshaa (1st Day):On the first day, people being some kinds of transactions including purchase of domestic animals such as cows, pigs and so on. The villagers collect and prepare the food today.
  • 2nd Day: All the domestic animals are tied down and sacrificed. A portion of meat for the feast is kept aside and the portion left is distributed among the group, known as called Akhingru and Athiru.
  • Musuyangtap (3rd Day):On the 3rd day, the tribe’s oldest women worship 3 oven stones, a representation of Lord Lijaba. She places rice balls on the top of these stones. Thereafter, she pours the wine on these stones. During these days, the villagers completely indulge in merrymaking, dancing, drinking and feasting.
  • Kikha-Langpi (4th Day): The male members of the tribe clean the villages and the pathways, to bring prosperity. Later, there is a feast for them in the priest’s house where they themselves have to contribute meat and wine. The married women place cotton, ginger and chilly in green leaves- Tsidong and place them in the fields for the protection of the crops and warding off calamities.
  • Shilang Wuba Nyunong (5th Day):On this day, people visit each other’s house and sharing their food and drinks with each other along with gifting meat to each other.
  • Akatisingkithsa (6th Day):Today is the last day when the people of the tribe worship their local deities and continue with harvesting.

Amongmong festival Dates

This festival is celebrated during the first week of the month of September.

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