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Bhakti Festival

  • Dates :

    To be Announced

  • Location :

    New Delhi, India

The Bhakti Festival Nehru Park showcases three days of devotional and sufi music performances at the Nehru Park in Delhi. Very popular among the fairs and festivals in Delhi, the Bhakti Festival is a classic example of music transcending boundaries.

Time of Celebration of Bhakti Festival 

The three-day Bhakti Festival Nehru Park is held in April every year.

Description of Bhakti Festival in Nehru Park

The Bhakti Festival showcases three days of devotional and sufi music performances at the Nehru Park in Delhi. Nehru Park is located on Panchsheel Road, in the Chanakpuri district of Delhi, adjacent to Santushi shopping complex.

The word ‘Bhakti’ means devotion, which is self explanatory in that it indicates expression of love towards God. The Bhakti Festival is an endeavor to take out some moments from today’s materialistic world and to utilize that time in realizing the presence of the omnipresent Almighty. In the serene environs of the lush green surroundings of Nehru Park, artists from various religions are invited during Bhakti Festival in Delhi to perform in their own ways of expression.

The objective of the three-day Bhakti festival in Nehru Park is to create spiritual democracy to complement the prevailing political democracy in India and other counties of South Asia. The festival usually features performances from neighboring counties like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka as well.

With other more glitzy forms of entertainment taking over, the Bhakti Festival in Nehru Park Delhi comes as a joyous respite for real music lovers. While some choose to quietly listen to the devotional music, few others intend on making the evenings special by eating under the stars while taking pleasure of the outstanding music performances.