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Buddha Jayanti

(Last Updated 13 Dec, 2022)

  • Dates :

    05/05/2023 - 05/05/2023

  • Location :

    New Delhi

The most holy day for the Buddhists, Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in honor of the Light of Asia, called by Edwin Arnold, well known as Buddha. Previously named Siddhartha, Buddha was the son of the king of Kapilavastu. His journey from a prince to a spiritual and moral leader has been very tiring as well as enriching.

Buddha’s philosophical thoughts and understandings of the ways of life help his devotees acknowledge human suffering and make oneself a better person. His Eight Fold Path of Salvation which involves the correct type of intention, action, speech, effort, livelihood, concentration and mind improves human life and makes it worth living.


This special day is celebrated as the birth day, the day of attaining salvation and the death day of Buddha. On this auspicious day, devotees offer prayers to Buddha. Buddhists monks lead a procession accompanied by sacred chanting.

In Delhi, the triple folded festival is a day for greeting and celebrating. A special program is organized in the Tibet House in Delhi which is jointly arranged by the Union Ministry of Culture and Indian Habitat Centre. Dance performances and rituals are organized on this occasion.

Time to celebrate

Buddha Jayanti in Delhi is celebrated on the full moon in the month of Vaisakhi which is usually between April and May. Buddhists all across the globe consider this day as an extremely auspicious day as Buddha was born on this day as well as attained salvation and died on this particular day. The coincidence is unique and considered a mystery.

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