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Guru Ram Das Jayanti

(Last Updated 06 Jan, 2022)

  • Dates :

    09/10/2022 - 09/10/2022

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One of the important festivals of Sikhism is Guru Ram Das Jayanti that is celebrated all around the globe with full enthusiasm. Guru Ramdas ji was the 4th Guru who remained on his seat for 7 years. He is still remembered for his great contribution to his community as well as the nation.

About Guru Ram Dasji

Sri Guru Ram Dasji, the founder of the Amritsar city, is the 4th Guru or the Chauthi Patshahi of Sikhism. Known for keeping alive the traditions of the first 3 Gurus, he was born in the Sodhi Khatri family on 24th September 1534, on the 2nd day of the Karthik month in Bikrami Samvat. Mohalla Chuna Mandi in Lahore, now in Pakistan, is his birthplace. He was the first son of his parents Har Das and Daya Vati and Jetha was his pet name. Along with being mastermind behind the construction of Amritsar, he was also established a missionary command. A popular poet, he penned around 688 hymns in different music courses that have also been added Adi Granth by his son and Guru Arjan Dev, his successor. His writings were a reflection of his dedication, love, loyalty and commitment towards his society. He dedicated his entire life to self-less service to absolute devotion to God his Guru. Anand Karaj, the prime Sikh marriage ceremony revolves around a hymn of 4 stanzas that were composed by him.

Celebration of Guru Ram Das Jayanti

To remember the birth of Guru Ram Das and his contribution to the Sikh community, Guru Ramdas Jayanti is celebrated. An important Sikh festivals, it is a commemoration of traditional rituals. The followers of Sikhism take part in this event and spread the message of peace, love and offer their homage to the Almighty. The preparation of the Jayanti begins 11 days before the main day. A group of people, known as Sangat, perform rehiras and chant hymns of the Guru, called Shabad. These hymns are related to the greatness of the Guru and God. On this day, people visit Gurudwaras, which are beautifully decorated with lights, in large numbers and offer prayers and services.

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