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Mukatsar Maghi Fair

(Last Updated 06 Jan, 2022)

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This festival called the Mukatsar Maghi Fair is much like Holi and Lohra Festival in Punjab and is celebrated with tremendous zeal and fervor. A local fair is arranged since this fiesta has a historical significance. Mukatsar Maghi Fair attracts millions of crowds that last for two or three days.

Description of the Mukatsar Maghi Fair:

The name Mukatsar Maghi Fair has been derived from the Muktsar which the name of the 40 liberated Mukhtas who died a valiant death in the Battle of Khidrana. They showed tremendous loyalty to the religion and so, they are adored by the people still now.

"Loyalty is still the same, Whether it win or lose the game;

True as a dial to the sun, Although it be not shined upon."

They generally commemorate the life of the 10th Prophet. Khidrana was a beautiful pool and the bodies of the dead were cremated on the 1st day of Magh Month, and 13th January is still memorable for the incident. At Mukatsar a massive mob accumulates to commemorate the incident. This is also known as the Mukatsar Maghi Fair. The aficionado march in the form of a pageant from the Main Shrine to the holy Tibbi Sahib; this is sacred for Guru Gobind Singh.

Time for the celebration of the Mukatsar Maghi Fair:

The festival of Mukatsar Maghi is held in the month of January every year at Muktsar Town.

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