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Jaisalmer Desert Festival

(Last Updated 20 Oct, 2023)

  • Dates :

    22/02/2024 - 24/02/2024

  • Location :

    Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is an annual event in February in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer. It is held in the Hindu month of Magh (February), three days before the full moon. The festival is celebrated amidst the beautiful dunes of the Thar Desert in the Sam Dunes (42 kilometers from Jaisalmer). Romantic, remote, and unspoiled, the location comes to life during the three-day extravaganza of the delights of the desert.

Here is complete guide about Desert Festival Jaisalmer

History of the Desert Festival Jaisalmer

Not many people are aware of the history or legend of the desert festival in Jaisalmer. The code says that Lord Krishna, ruler of the Yadav community, told Arjuna (one of the Pandavas) that a successor belonging to the Yadav community would set up his kingdom on the Trikuta Hill. In the year 1196, the prediction made by Lord Krishna came true when Rawal Jaiswal, a descendant of the Yadav clan, established his kingdom in Jaisalmer. Celebrations were organized throughout the kingdom, and eventually, the people came to know that the prophecy had come true. The festivities soon developed into a festival that is now organized every year. In addition, the government started marketing the vibrant festival as an international event, drawing visitors to the Jaisalmer Desert City.

Significance of The Desert Festival Jaisalmer 2024

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is an expressive way to celebrate or indulge in the glorious graphic heritage of Rajasthan. Guests at the festival will have appropriate moments to rejoice in the celebration with their loved ones. All the guests at Jaisalmer Desert Festival will be witnessing the traditional roots of Rajasthan in different forms, from local folk fare to other festive celebrations.

Talking about the significance of the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, its main objective is to showcase to worldwide spectators the artistic side of royal Rajasthan in the best possible way! It is all about spraying its colors, playing the local folks and dances, and whirring its heels from the hub of Thar Desert. In the folk fusion of Jaisalmer, tourists alike - whether domestic or international, will be taking a deep plunge into Rajasthan’s traditional colors like never before.

When and where is it celebrated?

Desert Festival Jaisalmer is celebrated in February every year in the sand city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

Duration of the festival

The festival goes on for two consecutive days.

Highlights of Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024

Many exciting things await at the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, 2024. The District Collector of Jaisalmer and the city's officials discussed the festival to promote it innovatively! As per the officials' reports, the major highlight of the 2024 Desert Festival in Jaisalmer is that several Bollywood singers will be gracing the festival spirit. In addition, the Senior Official of the Indian Air Force has also been sent the invitation for air warrior drills.

Guests would be partaking in the cultural extravaganza as the Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024 will be the carpet for many local experiences of Rajasthan, from a turban-tying competition to a Ghoomar dance to a mustache competition to a camel polo match, etc. Moreover, there will be a massive celebration with camel and Jeep safaris.

Here is detailed information about what you can do at Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024. Scroll ahead to read up!

Deck of Cultural Extravaganza

Watch elaborate puppet shows, indulge in camel polo matches, witness juggling events, and get mesmerized by the turban tying and longest mustache competition. The locals and artists in the Jaisalmer Desert Festival would be seen in colorful traditional attire. The celebration would be the chance to enjoy Rajasthan's folk, culture, and traditions all together under one roof. In addition, several stalls would be there selling handicrafts and local knick-knacks, including drool-worthy Rajasthani food.

Highlighted Local Dance of the Festival: Gir Dance and Folk Fire Dances

Dune Bashing

The roller coaster ride with shimmering sands all around you awaits you! Rafting through the pits and falling on the sands is another highlight of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024. In this activity, you will be riding in a 4X4 vehicle on the dunes, and for off-roading on the dunes, you have to be under the expert's supervision.

Remember that maintaining the balance of a vehicle in the dunes is the key to listening to your instructor before enjoying the thrill. So apart from dune bashing, go quad biking in the Thar Desert, and try parasailing to run adrenaline through your veins.

Desert Safari

The vast acres of golden Thar Desert will take your breath away! Make all your three days count at Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024, and don't miss the dazzling Desert Safari on a camel. The dunes are dotted with luxury desert camps, so if you think you will be short of options, it will not happen. The festival is held annually, keeping the guests' standards and facilities as stress-free as possible.

Shopping Hopping

Don’t sin returning home back empty-handed—Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024 beacons the shopaholic souls to shop for unique home decor items and artifacts. The Rajasthan Tourism Department provides a platform for the local artisans to showcase and sell handicrafts and Rajasthan souvenirs during the festival, from puppets to souvenirs made from yellow sandstone.

Popular Markets to Explore in Jaisalmer

Pansari Bazaar, Bhatia Bazar, Manak Chowk.

Money Exchangers

Even in the expansive golden stretch of sand, guests won't have to rub their backs to locate money exchangers. The Rajasthan Tourism Department has made excellent arrangements for the tourists attending the Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024 by providing money exchanger stalls too! And guess what? The festival's significant booths will accept payments through all means, from bank transfers to UPI Wallets, to provide the shoppers with a legit experience.

Where to Stay in Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024

A wide array of accommodation options will be available, equipped with basic and luxurious amenities. The accommodation categories include well-appointed luxury tents, en-suite restrooms, and even 24*7 hot water.

Reserve your staycation from the following camps in Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024:

  • Prince Desert Camp
  • Le Royal Camp
  • Jaisalmer Desert Camp
  • Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Camp
  • Vinayak Desert Camp

Note: Staying in the main town of Jaisalmer in luxury resorts can provide leisure travelers the utmost comfort they have been looking for! Pick one from; Nachna Haveli, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa, etc.

Other Places to Explore Near Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024

Jaisalmer Fort

Explore the "Sonar Quila" or "Golden Fort" on your Jaisalmer tour. Jaisalmer Fort is a famous architectural marvel in Jaisalmer and throughout Rajasthan and India. Tour the several significant monuments inside the fort, from the Raj Mahal and Laxminath Shrine to the Merchant Havelis and the ornate Jain temples.

Timings: The fort remains open from 9 AM - 5 PM, and Indian nationals need to pay 50 INR (approx). At the same time, the foreigners have to shed down 250 INR (approx.) for entry.

Gadisar Lake

The history of this shimmering lake in Jaisalmer dates back to 1400 AD during Maharawal Gadsi Singh's rule. It was built as a conservation reservoir for rainwater harvesting during the past era and was once the prime water source for the entire city. But now, it offers peace and tranquility as you can paddleboat and rowboat the waters and spots the migratory birds.

Timings: You can visit Gadisar Lake between 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. (approx. ), and for boating, be prepared to pay 100 INR (approx.).

Patwon Ki Haveli

As the name suggests, it is a haveli formed by a cluster of 5 different Havelis within one single premise. Patwon Ki Haveli is one of the photogenic spots in Jaisalmer that you should explore. Get mesmerized by the intricate architectural work and various old items used by kings and families. You can click as many as the pictures inside the Haveli at an additional cost (camera charges).

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM; Everyday

Entry Fee: Foreigners must pay 100 INR (approx.) as an entrance fee, while Indians need to pay 20 INR (approx.).

Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara Village is an abandoned village that hasn't been inhabited in over 300 years! It is a clan with many towns and was once the occupied land of Paliwal Brahmins. You must learn the history of Kuldhara Village on a guided tour to know why hundreds of families vanished overnight. Make sure you visit before sunrise because even archeologists recommend the same.

How to Reach Jaisalmer for Desert Festival Jaisalmer

Here are complete details about How to Reach Jaisalmer

By Air

Jodhpur Airport is the nearest international airport to reach Jaisalmer, located 337 kilometers away. You can hire a prepaid or a private taxi from the airport to reach Jaisalmer.

By Rail

Jaisalmer is well connected with a vast network of trains covering most Indian cities. The railway station is located in the center of the desert city. Once you reach the railhead, many auto-rickshaws and private taxis connect the city.

By Road

Jaisalmer has excellent road connectivity. Therefore, it is easy to commute to the city. Ordinary state-owned buses, luxury coaches, sleeper AC buses, cabs, taxis, and private vehicles can reach the city.

Suppose you plan to visit Sam Dunes to attend the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. In that case, you may like to explore our collection of hotels in Jaisalmer for the availability of accommodations at your desired location.

Tent houses and desert camps are also available. Suppose you also want to explore more of Rajasthan and its royal destinations. In that case, you may like to browse through our Jaisalmer tour packages that include a short trip to this "Golden City" and more extended tour packages that include visits to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar, and other major cities.

FAQs on Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2024

Q: What are the dates of Desert Festival in Jaisalmer in 2024?

Ans: Jaisalmer Desert Festival is being celebrated from 22nd February to 24th February in 2024. The three days celebration is an extravaganza of sights, smells, tastes and unique delights of the desert city.

Q: What things to do during the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer?

Ans: During the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, you can participate in the longest moustache contest, polo matches, camel rides, a desert safari ride on camel and jeep safari over the shifting sand dunes of Sam will mark a truly grand event.

Q: How to Celebrate the Jaisalmer Desert Festival?

Ans: The celebrations of this festival make the desert come alive with color, enthusiasm, and happiness. The festival commences with a procession in the morning from the Jaisalmer Fort to the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. The locals dress in traditional and bright costumes. They sing and dance depicting the tragedies and accomplishments of the desert. The Gair and the fire dance are highlights of the festival. The Kalabaz or the Nat's are a group of local nomads who are popular for their gymnastic acts. The Bhopa's Langhas and Manganiars create an enchanting environment with their poignant folk music recitals and ballads.

Be a spectator of rare competitions like camel polo. Cheer for camel races. Gymnastic stunts on camelback and camel formation dancing are the crowning jewels of the festival. The Border Security Force Camel Tattoo follows these competitions. Other attractions are:

  • Tug-of-war.
  • Turban tying.
  • Maru-Shri (Mr. Desert competition).

The longest mustache competition. The festival's grand finale is the Rajasthani folk concert following an Air Force display, cricket match, and parachuting. This festival ends on Poornima (full moon day) in the Sam dunes with the "Sonar Quila" Jaisalmer Fort in the background, creating a fairy-tale ambiance. Delicious food, exciting stalls displaying artifacts, handicrafts, and other souvenirs are also available at the festival. Desert safari and camping can also be enjoyed on the eve of the festival in Jaisalmer.

Q: What things to buy from Desert Festival?

Ans: During the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, you can buy intricate handicrafts and handloom attires in vibrant colors, decorated with meticulous thread work and mirrors.

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