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Drupka Teshi

(Last Updated 09 May, 2022)

  • Dates :

    To be Announced

  • Location :

    Muguthang, Sikkim

"Easy to do are things that are bad and not beneficial to self; But very, very hard to do indeed is that which is beneficial and good", said the Buddha in Dhammapada, the sacred book of the Buddhists. Buddha was a Universal preacher of Truth and Justice and is regarded as the savior of Mankind. People pay homage by lighting lamps at Monasteries to please the supreme Lord, Gautama Buddha.

Lord Buddha preached the aficionados the correct path for the fulfillment of their lives. He said that the path is not complete abstinence from flesh and fish, nor is that of dwindling in mud and abandoning all worldly attires, but to refine the mind from the bondage that make us execute evil deeds.

These actions comes to our mind in the following way; resentment, covetousness, avarice, sloth, gluttony, envy are regarded as the cardinal sins that tempts a man to perform harmful deeds so that he looses his stronghold in the path of truth and shifts from there. So, one has to leave these habits first before being enlightened.

Buddha preached the noble truths on the grounds of Benares. He left his wife and family and lead the life of a beggar. He begged from place to place and at last came to his hometown where his wife and sons greeted him with much hope. He started preaching his sermons at various places and became the Universal Lord amongst people irrespective of class and creed.

He preached the path of Noble Truth which relieved men from the daily angst and made them aware of the right way of progress, to his followers at Sarnath also known as the Deer Park. The festival is conspicuous or the prayer ceremonies at the notable place named Muguthang, at North Sikkim it is followed by a Yak Race. Drupka Teshi is held on the fourth day of the 6th Tibetan Month that falls round August.

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