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Lhabab Duchen Festival

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Buddha was the enlightened one, because it is said in the Dhammapada that "A unique Being, an extraordinary Man arises in this world for the benefit of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, benefit, and happiness of gods and men. Who is this Unique Being? It is the Tathagata, the Exalted, Fully Enlightened One."

Sikkim lies in the eastern part of the Himalayas and is the located below the Mountain Kanchenjunga. The people of Sikkim regard Lord Khanchendzonga as their presiding deity. They also celebrate numerous festivals in honor of their Lords and Lhabab Dhuechein is one among them. This carnival is held in Sikkim with a tremendous zeal and fervor and the saga continues…

Sikkim is very renowned for abundant Buddhist Monasteries. It is said that Ashoka, the great Emperor of India is supposed to have sent an agent to the North and Sikkim was one of them. His main intention was to spread the message of Lord Buddha and make people embrace this religion so that life would become easy and more comfortable for them. It will enlighten them the truthful path of life, and bestow them the power obtain the proper means of livelihood.

Lord Buddha is said to be the direct descendant of God who came to earth much like Christ, in order to convince people to stay away from improper and unscrupulous means. The days of Buddha were full of conceited men who boasted on caste basis and this was something intolerable for the others, who ranked inferior to them.

So, there was a need for a separate religion where animal sacrifices and costly religious rites of the Brahmins were not compulsory. Lord Buddha born in a Kshatriya family, being a prince, came out one night tearing off his family bondages in search of enlightenment and he was successful. He was the right person who could teach humanity of the rightful path; so god selected him.

The people of Sikkim revere this angelic form of God in various forms and one of them is lhabab duchen. After his mother demised, Lord Buddha preached few of his indispensable sermons. It is to commit to memory that gloomy incident that Buddhists pay homage to the Lord in Monastery.

Time for the celebration of the lhabab duchen:

Lhabab Dhuechein is celebrated on the 22nd day of the 9th Lunar Month every year. Buddhists congregate in the Monasteries to celebrate the ascendance of the Lord Buddha on earth.