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Orange and Tourism Festival

(Last Updated 10 May, 2023)

  • Dates :

    24/01/2023 - 25/01/2023

  • Location :


Conducted at Jampui Hills (the highest hill in the region) in Tripura, the Orange and Tourism Festival is celebrated to express gratitude to Mother Nature for the flourishing yield of oranges in the region. There is no doubt that Orange and Tourism is one of the unique festivals in Tripura. You can attend this festival on your vacation to Tripura to experience the joyful vibes around you. 

The hills are located at 3,000 ft. above sea level, from where you can get magnificent vistas of the surroundings. Gorges and parishes flush the entire landscape, which is otherwise lush olive. Splendid views of dawn and dusk rejuvenate the tourist, and it is thus an excellent tourist spot in Tripura. In fact, there is a watchtower in Tripura, from where you get scenic views of nature. You can't help but appreciate the beauty of the oranges blooming in the trees, which will remind you of the beautiful lines of poet John Keats: "Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless, with fruit the vines that round the thatch eaves run."

Time to visit for Orange and Tourism Festival in Tripura

In the month of November, the Orange and Tourism Festival is celebrated in Tripura with much zeal and enthusiasm. It is one of the most admired carnivals not just in Tripura but across India and is visited by numerous people from across the country. The view of the splendid Oranges hanging in the verdant trees during the season has a hypnotizing effect on the tourists. 

To attend this festival, you can plan your vacation in November. In addition, you can browse the comprehensive list of Tripura tour packages to book your holiday here. 

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