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Holi Festival 2022

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

  • Dates :

    19/03/2022 - 19/03/2022

  • Location :

    Barsana, Mathura, Vrindavan

Holi Festival in India will be celebrated on 19th of March. Beating drums, colors soaring higher than birds, people sharing sweets, that’s the general scenario if you land between February and March in India. As that’s the time when the whole India warmly welcomes spring and celebrates Holi. The over brimming joy of togetherness makes everyone flush with happiness. Part of which is due to the relief from the humdrum and monotony of everyday existence.

The festival of colors is grandly celebrated in the state of Uttar Pradesh where you will see another transition to the festivities. When Holi is celebrated, bright colors and happiness soak each and every corner of the state and bring much joy to the lives of the people.

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Legend of Holi Festival

Holi, the festival of colors has three legends associated with it.

The first one is the most widely known – Prahlad and Narsimha – Lord Vishnu’s fourth avatar. Prahlad’s father, the demon-king Hiranyakashipu was against his devotion towards Lord Vishnu. So, he asked Holika, his sister, to carry the young Prahlad into a burning pyre. Holika was blessed for never being burned by fire. But miraculously, Prahlad survived while the flames consumed Holika. Since then, Holika Dahan came into being that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

The second legend is associated with the young and dusky Lord Krishna. He always complained about the fair complexion of his companion Radha. So one day, his mother Yashoda told him to color Radha so that they appear the same. This resulted in a play of colors that is celebrated with much vim and vigor, especially in Mathura and surrounding towns. 

The third legend about Holi has its roots embedded in the Shaivism school of thought. According to it, Goddess Parvati was uneasy considering Lord Shiva’s eternal meditation. So, she sought help from Kamadeva – the Hindu god of love. He thus shot an arrow to wake up Shiva. But the arrow erroneously opened His third eye and burnt Kamadeva to ashes. Rati meditated for 40 days, deeply agonized by her husband’s death. This pacified Shiva and He brought Kamadeva back to life. People rejoice in this event of return of divinity and love as Holi on the 40th day after Vasant Panchami. 

Holi Festival 2022 Celebrations 

Holi is among the most enjoyed festivals of India. Along with offering prayers and following the traditions, the festival of colors not just paints faces with myriad hues but also paints souls with colors of joy. At many places, the festivities begin as early as during Makar Sankranti and continue even after Holi. So, if you want to delight in all the celebrations of Holi, get ready for an unprecedented experience. Here are some of the biggest Holi events that make this festival substantial. 

Event 1: Lathmar Holi
Dates: March 13 and March 14, 2022
Where: Barsana and Nandgaon

This peculiar Holi event involves women chasing men to hit them with lathis (sticks). Thus the name – Lathmar Holi. Thousands of people come from far and wide to participate in this event and enjoy the playful beatings. As far as confirmation of Lathmar Holi dates is concerned, it is celebrated almost seven days before the main Holi. As the dates vary every year, it is wise to confirm the dates before leaving for these places to enjoy the celebrations. It is wise to reach there early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy the event to the fullest. 

The Legend of Lathmar Holi

When Lord Krishna visited Barsana to meet Radha for Holi, he teased her and her friends. The offended women chased him with sticks to teach him a lesson. The legend now continues as on this day, women chase away men from Nandgaon who visit Barsana. 

How to Reach Barsana?

By Air: To reach there by air, the nearest airport is in Agra (113 km) that is connected to various cities of the country. From Agra, you can book a cab to Barsana. Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi provides wider connectivity for travelers. From Delhi, tourists can easily reach Barsana via a hired cab. 

By Road: To reach Barsana from Delhi (170.5 km) is easy. Simply hire a cab or get on the road by car. From Mathura, Barsana’s nearest town, you can visit the event in no time.

By Train: Mathura is the nearest railhead (52 km) that is connected to major cities of India and provides smooth connectivity to Barsana.

Event 2: Phoolon wali Holi
Dates: March 15, 2022
Where: Vrindavan

The famous Banke Bihari Temple celebrates a unique form of Holi on Aanola Ekadashi. This celebration involves play with flowers, rather than colors. Thus, the name - Phoolon wali Holi. The temple gates open around 4 in the evening and the celebrations commence. Temple priests shower flowers at devotees. The celebrations last for just 15-20 minutes, so it is prudent that you reach there in time. Although the event is not that famous, it is gaining impetus with time. 

The Legend of Phoolon wali Holi

The event began per se, so there is no such legend associated with it. The flowery affair not just adds colors to the day of participants but also introduces them to fragrant celebrations. The event looks ethereal with generous showers of flower petals of marigold, rose, lotus, etc. Additionally, the devotees are bathed in the colors of devotion towards Banke Bihari. 

How to Reach Vrindavan?

By Air: Agra airport is the nearest to Vrindavan (53 km). Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi provides flight connectivity to visitors from far and wide. Whichever airport you choose, you can take a cab to reach Vrindavan from there.  

By Road: From Delhi, Vrindavan is easily accessible (181 km). You can reach there by car/cab. Also, several buses ply between Delhi and Vrindavan on daily basis. 

By Train: The nearest Railway station to Vrindavan is in Mathura (9 km). From Mathura, you can hire a taxi/cab to reach Vrindavan.

Event 3: Widow's Holi
Dates: March 17, 2022
Where: Vrindavan

The season of Holi ushers in with lots of colors, flavors, and fun-filled times. Unfortunately, widows of the country were refrained from partaking in this play of colors and add some to their lives. Many are seen clad in plain white clothes and some even live in ashrams. Being a part of this unique event in the series of Holi celebrations is an experience to cherish. After all, it is a new part of the festival of colors. And by joining widows in this colorful play, you can add colors of joy to their days and paint your inner self with some contentment. You can join widows in this celebration at Gopinath Temple.

The Legend of Widow's Holi

As a fresh breeze of a beautiful change, Widow’s Holi stepped up almost 5 years ago. This revolutionary change was introduced in Pagal Baba Widow Ashram, Vrindavan.

Event 4: Holi at Banke Bihari Temple
Dates: March 18, 2022
Where: Vrindavan

What is better than joining the festive merriment at Banke Bihari, the place where Lord Krishna is believed to be born? This is the heart of the festival, where celebrations are enjoyed just a day before Holi. The temple welcomes the devotees with its gates wide open from 9 am to 1:30 pm. The priest greets devotees by splashing colors and sprinkling holy water on them. Thereafter, the entire scene is echoed with chants.

Event 5: Holi Procession
Dates: March 18, 2022
Where: Mathura

Once merriment is over at Banke Bihari Temple, Mathura is the next stop that beckons for jollity. Here, a fun-filled and flamboyant procession awaits you. The procession begins at Vishram Ghat at 3 pm and concludes at the Holi Gate after sunset. Young boys and girls are dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha and moving ahead in vehicles adorned by flowers, and with devotional songs and music. People continue spray of colors on each other as the procession proceeds.

In the evening, people come together for Holika Dahan - burning the effigy of Holika. A huge effigy is burnt at the Holi Gate. Many cultural programs follow and women pray at functions held at crossroads.

How to Reach Mathura?

You can take an auto-rickshaw or cab from Vrindavan to Mathura.

 Event 6: Holi Festivities
Dates: March 19, 2022
Where: Mathura

On the big day of Holi, Dwarkadheesh Temple hosts the grandest celebrations. The temple gates open at 10 am to the crowd waiting eagerly to enter. People are already smeared with colors and high on the festive spirit. Dhol is played that adds to the revelry and people join with dance. Holi is also played inside the temple with full festive fervor.

It is suggested to begin the day at Vishram Ghat where bhang is made. You might even grab a glass to gulp.

Beat the Hunger

On Holi, after the festivities are over, it is quite tough to find food to satiate your hunger pangs. It is thus wise to stock up some food in advance. Just in case, you can’t get food beforehand, head to a dhaba opposite Holi Gate. Around 4 pm, Brijwasi Sweets at Holi Gate open where you can savor some good food.

How to Reach Mathura?

To revel in this unbeatable festive delight, you can simply reach the temple if you are in Mathura. If you are in Delhi, you can easily get a cab to Mathura.

Event 7: Huranga at Dauji Temple
Dates: March 20, 2022
Where: Baldeo

After the day of Holi, Dauji Temple in Baldeo (30 km from Mathura) breathes fun and frolic. It starts at 12:30 pm and continues till 4:00 pm. To get good photos, you have to reach there as early as 9 am and grab a seat on the top for an ultimate view and amazing clicks.

The Legend of Huranga at Dauji Temple

The celebration traces its origin, 500 years ago to the time of the Krishna temple. Ladies of the family that built the temple, strip the men, and beat them with their clothes in the temple courtyard. The family is unbelievably big, having as many as 3000 members! The members join the festival here from across the continents.

Once the people are done with the ceremony, Holi is played with everyone joining in.

How to Reach Baldeo?

From Mathura, hire a cab or take an auto-rickshaw to reach this place. If you are coming all the way from Delhi, book a cab, partake in the festivities, and return by noon.


  • Be careful while carrying a camera during the festivities. Shield it with a waterproof cover.
  • Clad in clothes that you can discard after Holi.
  • Pay attention to be safe as it is difficult to keep a check on people’s activities during the merriment.
  • Carry your phone, wallet, and other essentials in a bag.

FAQs of Holi Festival

Ques: Which are the best places to stay in Mathura and Vrindavan during Holi?

Ans: As Mathura and Vrindavan are not known to house a good lot of accommodation, you need to book in advance. Choose from resorts, luxury hotels, or budget lodges/inns as per your pocket and preferences. In Mathura, you can select an accommodation near Vishram Ghat. Hotel Brijwasi Royal, MMN Resort, and Hotel Jyoti Residency are among the best places to stay in Mathura. To soak in the spirituality of Vrindavan, stay near Banke Bihari Temple.

Ques: What to eat in Mathura and Vrindavan during Holi?

Ans: Food is the highlight of Holi festivities in Mathura and Vrindavan. Jalebis, pedas, imartis, kachori, aloo tikki, lassi, and much more add to the flavors of celebrations. Thandai (cold flavored milk) is among the special delicacies during this festival that must not be missed.

Ques: How can we enjoy an eco-friendly Holi?

Ans: To enjoy an eco-friendly Holi, use organic colors. You can also use flowers instead of colors or make your own colors with ingredients available at home or from flowers in your garden. Additionally, it is good to play Holi without water.

Ques: How can women stay safe during Holi festivities in Mathura and Vrindavan?

Ans: No matter how excitement-packed Holi is, women travelers need to follow some safety protocols for an enjoyable Holi. Here are some tips to keep away people who are bent on creating ruckus for females in disguise of festivities -

  • Always travel in group or else it's best to avoid traveling to Barsana or Mathura for Holi celebration altogether.
  • Avoid excessively crowded places.
  • Attend the celebrations with people you know well.
  • You might be drenched, so wear clothes that maintain your decency even after being soaked in colorful water. Cover up fully and refrain from putting on light colors and light fabrics.
  • Say “no” to unwanted advances to color you. No one can cross boundaries under the pretext of Holi if you refuse to participate.
  • Keep an eye for those who seem to create trouble.
  • Look for volunteers who are there to help you in times of need.

Holi Celebrations in Other Parts of India

Barsana Holi

Holi celebrations in Barsana are among the most unique festivities in India. In the spirit of fun, smearing of colors, drenching in water and mock fights. According to legends, Barsana was the birthplace of Radha, the consort of Lord Krishna. As the fables narrate, the lord used to come from his home-town Nandgaon to tease Radha and the Gopis.

The tradition continues till date. Men from Nandgaon come to Barsana to play and the women greet them with sticks (lathis). The unique spectacle is known as Lathmaar holi. The abundance of sweets, bhang and the festive spirit enhance the thrill.

Holi in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, like the rest of India, dips in the celebration of Holi by welcoming the spring season. Call it the festival of love or colors the state knows how to mix ritual and other ancient traditions with a final touch of royalty. What's even unique is the way different parts of the state giving the festivities their own different vibe. While Mali and Gair Holi are distinct to Ajmer, Brij Holi to Bharatpur, Bikaner rejoices the colorful time of the year by playing Dolchi Holi.

Holi Gujarat

Gujarat celebrates Holi with a unique fervor. The most famous tradition is the breaking of the earthen pot full of buttermilk. This ritual comes from the tales where Lord Krishna used to tease and break pots of the milkmaids. A pot full of buttermilk is tied high on a rope. To get to the heights, people form a human pyramid. While the young boys form the pyramid, people throw colored water on them. There are competition among groups to win this prize. During the festival people rejoice with the play of colors, gorging on sweets while drenched in festive spirits.

Holi in Santiniketan

Drenched in the mesmeric charms of spring, Holi in Santiniketan is a celebration of love, fun and art. The onset of the season of spring calls for the occasion of the Basant Utsav. The loving abode of Rabindranath Tagore, Shantiniketan is seen transformed in festive mood as he had started the ritual years back. The very ambiance is of fun and the oncoming delights of the spring.

Colorful traditional attire, play of dry colors, dance, music, sweets and more create wonderful joy. The occasion is made special with the tunes of Baul singers and their melodies hums of 'Ektara'-the musical instruments.

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