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Kampil Fair in Uttar Pradesh

(Last Updated 24 Feb, 2023)

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    Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh is well known for its rich and varied religious heritage. People from all religions co-exist in peaceful harmony in this state. It abounds in places of religious importance as well. There are a large number of Jain Shrines that speak of the state’s close association with this religion of peace and non violence. The Kampil Fair is a Jain fair which is held each year in Uttar Pradesh.

Description of the Kampil Fair in Uttar Pradesh

This fair derives its name from the place Kampil where it is celebrated. Kampil is an ancient historical town that finds mention in our epics. The place was earlier known as Kampilya and was the capital of King Draupad.

Brahlan Vimal Nath, the thirteenth tirthankara was born in Kampil. This town in the Farrukabad district was also visited by Lord Mahavira. The Kampil Fair is held to commemorate the visit of this great man of virtue.

The Kampil Fair attracts a large number of people each year. The fair is the meeting ground of many Jain devotees. This colorful carnival is thoroughly enjoyed by all of them. They participate in various activities; purchase various products that are there for sale. They experience thoroughly the sheer joy of living. A lot of fun and enjoyment characterizes the Kampil Fair.

Time for celebrating the Kampil Fair in Uttar Pradesh 

The Kampil Fair is held every year in the month of March and continues for five days.

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