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Flights to Bhavnagar

Founded as a port in 1743, Bhavnagar in Gujarat is still an important trading post for the cotton goods manufacturing industry in Gujarat. Though not as such a tourist spot, Bhavnagar is a bustling city and holds much significance and influence in the Gujarat's financial matters. Flights to Bhavnagar Gujarat are not very frequent and can be availed from select cities in India.

The lock gate at Bhavnagar port keeps ships afloat in the city's port at low tide. On the surface, however, Bhavnagar isn't really an exciting place to visit and few travelers get there with tourist interest. Bhavnagar has an interesting old bazaar area which offers a strange local odor with overhanging wooden balconies, countless little shops and lots of people in local outfits.

The Bhavnagar Airport is located to the south east of the Bhavnagar city proper. Flights To Bhavnagar In India van be availed from Mumbai in Maharashtra. Flights To Bhavnagar In Gujarat are operated by NEPC and Indian Airlines. Indian Airlines operates four flights to Bhavnagar In Gujarat India every week from Mumbai. The NEPC Airlines flies three times a week to from Bhavnagar to Mumbai.

If you are flying to Bhavnagar from outside India, it is advisable you keep track of the days the flights to Bhavnagar Gujarat are operated from Mumbai, and accordingly get to Mumbai which has a number of international flights connecting it to a number of international cities. From Mumbai you can get the corresponding flight to Bhavnagar and reach comfortably in no time.

Bhavnagar is 187 km from Ahmedabad, 300 km from Vadodra, and 167 km from Rajkot. Bhavnagar is well connected to other major cities in Gujarat by road.

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