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Flights to Mangalore

Mangalore Bajpe Airport is not just a centre to make transportation easier for the people of Coastal Karnataka but also for the people from some parts of Kerala. Since these places have a lot of their people working abroad, the airport served them well, especially since it saved them a tedious journey by road or rail to Mumbai from where they had to catch their international flight.

Mangalore Bajpe Airport is a small domestic airport. Mangalore is well connected with major towns in India by the following airlines:

  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • Indian Airlines
  • Air Deccan

Flights to Mangalore:

How to reach Mangalore via Bangalore

In order to reach Mangalore by air, one has to go via Bangalore. All domestic airlines are operating flights to and from Bangalore to all major cities of the country. A few international flights to the Middle East are also operated from Bangalore. 

To reach Bangalore by air:

Domestic Flights:

Everyday many flights fly to and fro from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Goa and Thiruvananthapuram and other cities to Hyderabad. 
Airline companies taking you to Bangalore are as follows: 

  • Indian Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • Sahara

International Flights:

There are direct international flights from Bangalore to Muscat, Sharjah and Singapore. There are many international flights from Bangalore via Mumbai, namely the flights to the Gulf countries, Paris, London, New York and Singapore. The advantage is that you can go through customs and immigration in relative peace at Bangalore airport. 

International Airlines connecting to Bangalore:

  • Air France
  • Air India
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines

Flight Schedule Information
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  • Kozhikode to Mangalore 
  • Mumbai to Mangalore 
  • Vijayawada to Mangalore
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