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Flights to Varanasi

Varanasi is a major tourist destination in India. The city is well connected to the various parts of the country as thousands of visitors come down to the city regularly. The Flights to Varanasi offers great services to the visitors to connect to the holy city fast to the various parts. Varanasi is a major tourist attraction of India and is visited by thousands every year. The city is served by numerous flights making the holy city easily accessible. The airport of the city is located in Babatpur which is a comfortable 22 kilometers away from the city. theThe Allahabad airport is the other nearest airport to the city which lies at a distance of 120 kilometers from the Varanasi.

The Varanasi flights connect the cities of Delhi and Mumbai directly making flying to these cities a comfortable experience. There are many other cities as well which are well connected to the city. There are many flights which makes flying experience to Varanasi a comfortable experience. Some of them are: 

Indian Airlines- These flights operate from Agra, Khajuraho, Delhi, Mumbai to Varanasi on a regular basis.

Jet Airways- These flights operate from Varanasi from Delhi on a daily basis 

Kingfisher- These flights operate from Varanasi from Delhi on a daily basis 

Spicejet- These flights operate from Varanasi from Delhi on a daily basis 

Sahara India- These flights operate from Varanasi to Mumbai, Varanasi to Lucknow, and Varanasi to Delhi on a weekly basis

Another facility to fly down to Varanasi is to avail the cheap flights to the city.

A Travel to Uttar Pradesh by Air is always a cheerful experience and the travel to the city of Varanasi is something to really enjoy. Flights to Varanasi are one of the best options among the numerous Flights to Uttar Pradesh In India.

Flight Schedule Information
  • Chennai to Varanasi
  • Delhi to Varanasi
  • Hyderabad to Varanasi
  • Kathmandu to Varanasi
  • Khajuraho to Varanasi
  • Kolkata to Varanasi
  • Lucknow to Varanasi
  • Mumbai to Varanasi
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