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How to Reach Gandhinagar

How to Reach Gandhinagar is an obvious question for a tourist who plans to take a Tour to Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar can be reached by train, road and by flight. To go to Gandhinagar while on a Tour to Gujarat can be a good and an exciting idea. Gandhinagar has many interesting tourist attraction which brings in a large number of tourists every year from different parts of India and world. A brief idea regarding How to Reach Gandhinagar while on a Tour to Gujarat is given below. Gandhinagar is an important business center in Gujarat, this makes the transportation system of Gandhinagar more frequent and easy.

Reaching Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India is easy and comfortable with regular and frequent train services from almost all parts of the country. Gandhinagar can also be reached by roads from any parts of Gujarat or India. The tourism industry and the transportation system of a place go hand in hand. With better transportation system, reaching Gandhinagar has become easier.

Traveling to Gandhinagar is easier by trains. Gandhinagar Railway station is the nearest railway station to Gandhinagar. Trains reaching Ahmedabad railway station can also be boarded to reach Ahmadabad and from there local means of transport can be taken to reach Gandhinagar.

All trains running on the western zones passes through Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar is well connected to all other western parts of the country. Gandhinagar is well connected to the metropolitans of the western India, many trains with Mumbai as their destination passes through Gandhinagar or Ahmadabad which facilitates an easy flow of tourists from all over the western India.

Gandhinagar can be reached by flight. Although there are no direct flights to Gandhinagar as the city doesn't have an airport, the flights to Ahmadabad can be boarded to reach Ahmadabad and then the local modes of transportation can be availed to reach Gandhinagar. Domestic Airlines like the Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Indian Airlines and Spice Jet operates regular flights to Ahmadabad.

The roadways can also be availed to reach Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar can be reached via Ahmadabad as the city has a wide network of roads and is connected to almost all parts of Gujarat by road. There are regular government and private bus services that connects Gandhinagar to the neighboring cities. The roads are all-weather motorable roads. Gandhinagar is well connected by both trains and roads to the other important cities of Gujarat, like Vadodara, Rajkot, Ahmadabad, Palitana and Jamnagar.

Traveling to Gandhinagar can be more easy, exciting and interesting if one first gathers the idea how to reach Gandhinagar in a comfortable way. The good and easy transportation system to Gandhinagar has also shown a rise in the tourism industry. The number of tourists visiting Gandhinagar has increased with the convenient and easy modes of transportation to Gandhinagar from all parts of the state and from all other parts of India at large.


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