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If the climate of Goa can be summed up in one word, then it is ‘Coastal’. A major part of this beach state lies in the Konkan region, which steeply rises up to the Western Ghats ranges getting separated from the Deccan Plateau.

Goa lies in the tropical zone and is close to the Arabian Sea, which makes its climate a hot and humid one for a major part of the year. May is the hottest months where the temperature can go as high as 35 °C and sometimes even more with high levels of humidity. The monsoon arrives in Goa in the beginning of the month in June, offering a relief from the scorching heat. Monsoon continues till the month of September. In these months, Goa receives heavy and sudden downpours along with tropical thunderstorms.

Winter season Goa is short and falls between mid- December and February. During these months, the temperature during the day is around 28 °C (with moderate levels of humidity) and during the nights is around 21 °C. These cooler nights can be amounted to altitudinal gradation. Leaving apart monsoon, there are no extremes as far as temperature is concerned and it is not easy to make any kind of demarcations in the season.