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Places to Visit in Goa

Though small in geography, Goa is quite big on excitements. Places to visit in Goa are not bounded by numbers. Every nook and corner has something has to grab your attention. The beautiful location of the happening party destination gives us mile after magnificent mile of beautiful amazements. The scenic expanse of the coastline along the Arabian Sea is the reason why Goa has more than 50 beaches, each with its own range of delights. Also, the stretch of the Western Ghats in the state are home to fascinating waterfalls, trekking trails, wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantations and more.

Beaches in Goa is the reason of its worldwide fans. Golden soft sands dotted with swaying palms and coconut groves lead to the azure waters. With abundance of beauty, all these beaches have their unique charms. North Goa shores are popular for cafes, watersports, camps, markets and other tourist delights. Shores in South Goa are mostly serene and unexplored. It is mostly a break from the crowds, enjoying simple pleasures. Luxury resorts in Goa mark the landscape and is home to some cherished experiences.

While the natural beauty of the region gives many of the popular places to visit in Goa, there is much more. The colorful history come into play adding to the already extensive list of must-see attractions. Forts in Goa deserve a special mention. Dating back to the early 16th-17th century, the massive structures were built for defence. Though time has ravaged its beauty, the charm is still the same. Besides, taking you back to the olden days, it provides picturesque views both of the sea and the rivers. Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, Reis Magos Fort, Corjuem Fort, Terekhol Fort, Sinquerim Fort, etc. are some popular names. The charming villages, Portuguese mansions, Latin Quarters also present a historic appeal.

Another fascinating treasure, Churches in Goa are also among the most popular places to visit in Goa. In the colonial days of Portuguese, while the word of Christ was being spread, these beautiful churches were built. Spectacular architecture, ethereal feel and the Holy Spirit puts them on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. Known as Old Goa, this is absolutely the must-visit place in Goa.

Among the abundant blessings of nature, wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantations, unexplored backwaters also find mention. A different side of the exciting vibe of Goa, here you can take a break and bask in simple pleasures.