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Places to Visit in Goa

Whose heart lies in Goa? Everyone! And it is not a brainer why it is so! With immaculate pristine beaches, thrilling watersports, Portuguese-influenced architecture, and extravagant beach and club parties, Goa is one of the best places for Indian tourism. Russians top the list of visiting Goa the most. Whether in the north or south part, the beach shacks of Goa have an international crowd from various other foreign destinations. Although it is India's smallest state, Goa is still divided into two parts - North Goa and South Goa.

Difference Between North Goa and South Goa

North Goa and South Goa are the two different sides of the coin, and therefore, they are different from each other when it comes to unbiased comparison. In short, North Goa is young, hot-blooded, and therefore, youngsters and bachelorettes make their way to North Goa the most. Boozing is inexpensive, local transportation within North Goa is frequent. North Goa is the younger cousin of South Goa and is for those tourists who can brave crowds. Late-night parties are the crowd-pulling factor of North Goa.

Speaking of South Goa, it is more secluded, more tranquil, and extra idyllic for leisure travelers. It has dozens of pristine beaches that are blue like cobalt skies. Leisure travelers gravitate towards Goa to the South part because South Goa is softer, cleaner, quieter, and less crowded than North Goa. Also, keep in mind that any state’s south part is considered lavish and expensive, and Goa is not an exception. South Goa is, indeed, more costly than North Goa when it comes to accommodations in Goa.

Similarities Between North and South Goa

Mainly, tourism in Goa gravitates towards its sun-kissed beaches and party vibes. And guess what? Swim, surf, snorkeling opportunities are equal in North Goa and South Goa. in both regions, casino lovers would not get disappointed as there are casinos in North and South Goa. Beach shacks and beachside accommodation are almost the same on both sides. Plus, Goa has only one international airport for commuting, and therefore, whether North Goa or South Goa is in your plans, the airport for commuting would be the same. Both the regions have railway stations too!

Days Enough for Visiting Tourist Places in South Goa

5 days (approx.) would be sufficient to visit the best tourist places in South Goa. You can cover a lot of South Goa in this duration, including beaches and historical attractions too! However, the price of accommodation in South Goa will make or break the game because accommodation is slightly expensive compared to its cousin district, North Goa.

Days Enough for Visiting Tourist Places in North Goa

4-5 days (approx.) would be a considerable amount of time to explore the best tourist places in North Goa. However, upon carefully planning your North Goa tour, you can discover an ample amount of experiences in North Goa, including watersports, parties, casinos, and historical expeditions. Accommodation in North Goa comes in dozens of options, and budget tourists can find homestays in North Goa near the beach shacks.

Best Places and Tourist Spots to Visit in South Goa

South Goa is not for everyone until you like seclusion, tranquility, and peace. Like an elder brother of North Goa, the South region of Goa is calm and gentle. This region of Goa breaks the stereotypical thinking, which goes like this; Goa is for boozing and loud parties only! Even parties are known to be silent in South Goa, and beach shacks boast international food more than Goan cuisine. Thanks to the international crowd that flourishes in South Goa the most. Dig out the highlighted aspects of South Goa tourism by flicking through the best places and tourists spots to visit in South Goa, including beaches too:

Palolem Beach:This beach in South Goa is lined with palm trees and colorful wooden shacks. International travelers flourish at Palolem Beach more than Indian tourists. The beach water is shallow, and therefore, swimming is one of the best activities to indulge in in Palolem Beach. Except for scorching summer and peak monsoon, Palolem Beach next to Agoda is where partywear wears headphones and then groove on the rhythm of the music. Banana boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving, and kayaking are hit water sports at Palolem Beach.

Benaulim Beach:This beach is a drool-worthy beach because all the beach corners have beach shacks that serve scrumptious Goan cuisine. Everything around Benaulim Beach signifies authentic Goan charm, from its beach shacks to the Benaulim Beach accommodations. Jet skiing, windsurfing, and fishing are popular water sports to try at Benaulim Beach. If you want to host a destination wedding in Goa, make Benaulim Beach your wedding backdrop because of its orangey sunset over the Arabian Sea.

Colva Beach:Have a slice of North Goa beaches in South Goa by visiting Colva Beach. This beach is South Goa’s local favorite beach, and therefore, expect to be surrounded by the local Indian crowd. Group traveling is suggested at Colva Beach, and it is best if you go here on a guided excursion. Parasailing, speed boating, and bumper rides are the highlight of watersports at Colva Beach.

Dudhsagar Falls:Located inside Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, Dudhsagar Waterfall is four tired falls whose milky white streams cascades from 310 m (approx.). Monsoon is a great time to embark on a trek here as the falls are engulfed in lush greenery. One can visit the falls between 6 AM to 5 PM (approx.).

Cabo De Rama Fort:This place is sandwiched between Agonda and Cavelossim beach. Cabo De Rama Fort is currently in ruins, but you could take Instagram-worthy photos. Next to the fort is the Cabo De Rama Beach, which is unspoiled and remains less on the tourists' radar when it comes to exploring the tourists' attractions in South Goa.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary:It is the biggest wildlife sanctuary of Goa, and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is where there has been the news of spotting black panthers. Plenty of waterfalls and an expanse of lush greenery make this place among Goa's best tourist attractions for wildlife lovers.

Margo Municipal Market: Here, you can test your bargaining skills over cashews, handicrafts, and other items. If you are a shopaholic soul, satiate your cravings for shopping at Margo Municipal Market.

Goa Chitra Museum: Understand the bygone era Goan people's way of living under the Portuguese influence at Goa Chitra Museum. It houses ancient artifacts, ranging from agricultural tools to musical instruments and even their staple food. A must-visit cultural attraction in South Goa.

Best Places and Tourist Spots to Visit in North Goa

North Goa is the base camp for young and hot-blooded youths. That is why it remains crowded in comparison to South Goa. However, it is not a fixed notion that North Goa can’t welcome couples or leisure travelers. It’s just a matter of preference and what kind of traveler you are! If you come to Goa to fancy yourself at the beach parties and boozing, the North Goa trip will be the perfect blend of home and Goan exquisiteness. From partying to great food, from sunshine to sun-kissed beaches, North Goa is more about braving the crowds. Here we bring you the best places and tourist spots to visit in North Goa with your near or dear ones:

Candolim Beach: Commercial activities around Candolim Beach are less, making it one of the must-visit beaches of North Goa. Talking of watersports at Candolim Beach, you can get yourself wet with dolphin sightseeing trips, jet skiing, water surfing, and water scooter. This beach is hippie heaven, and sunsets are best to observe when you are here. The beach shacks at Candolim Beach serve lip-smacking Goan cuisine.

Vagator Beach; This beach in North Goa personifies seclusion so that hardly any other North Goa beach can. Vagator Beach is one of the best sundowner spots in North Goa. On your way to Vagator Beach, get amazed with the palm-laden trees dotted on both sides of the roads like the way you see in the movies. The dramatic red cliffs surrounding Vagator Beach add strokes of charm for those who love witnessing the sunset. You must try watersports at Vagator Beach when you are here, including parasailing, dolphin spotting, and jet skiing.

Aguada Fort: It is a well preserved 17th century Portuguese Fort which overlooks the Arabian Sea waves. Aguada Fort stands on Sinquerim Beach and is now an ASI-protected monument. There is one lighthouse also at Aguada Fort. The fort is one of the famous forts of Goa which was built by the Portuguese kingdom to stay safe from the attack of the Dutch and the Maratha power. Strategically, Aguada Fort is built on the mouth of Mandovi River, and you will be amazed by its setting on your visit.

Anjuna Beach:It is being said that no trip to North Goa is considered complete without visiting the famous Anjuna Beach. This beach is another hippie’s playground, but compared to other beaches of North Goa, Anjuna Beach has a welcoming foreigner crowd, and that is why international travelers could be seen enjoying the sunshine at Anjuna Beach. So kiss the night vibes and enjoy the shopping at Anjuna Flea Market every Wednesday. Must-try water sports at Anjuna Beach are scuba diving, parasailing, and windsurfing, and banana boat ride.

Basilica of Bomb Jesus: Boasting 400 years old Portuguese style architecture, Basilica of Bomb Jesus is a UNESCO Heritage Site in North Goa and is a lit place for worship amongst the locals and tourist minds alike. The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church is located on Old Goa Road.

Chapora Fort: Chapora Fort is amongst the popular places and forts in North Goa. Aamir Khan featured in the movie Dil Chahta Hai scenes were shot here. If you have never witnessed ocean sunset views, Chapora Fort is the place to go! One needs to climb 300 steps to reach the top of the fort as the fort is located on the hill overlooking Chapora Beach and Vagator Beach.

Mangeshi Temple: Mangeshi Temple lies on a hillock and is situated in Mangeshi Village in North Goa. This place is counted as one of the famous temples in the sunshine state of Goa. Legends of this temple state that Lord Shiva came here after losing her wife, Parvati, in the dice game. Inside the temple, the Goan-style Hindu architecture could be seen. During the annual MaghaPurnima Festival and Ratha Yatra, Mangeshi Temple brims with the crowd.