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Best time to Visit in Gorakhpur

On the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, lies a religious city of Gorakhpur. It is on the banks of Rapti River, bordering Nepal. It is home to several historic temples and other Buddhist sites, and among them stands out the famous Gorakhnath Temple. Gorakhpur is known for the diversity in culture and religion at the same place and embracing it. Visit the city to enjoy the combination of various view points. The climate is similar to the rest of the state, with hot summer and chilly winters. The best time to visit and enjoy the trip to Gorakhpur is after the monsoon, from October to December and the month of February.

Summers April to June 22°c - 39°c
Monsoon July to Sep 24°c - 37°c
Winter October to March 7°c - 32°c

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