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Shopping in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur, one of the charming cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is steeped in medieval splendor. Situated on the banks of rivers Rapti and Rohini, Gorakhpur serves as a popular stop over for the tourists heading to Nepal, because Nepal and Gorakhpur shares a common border. Gorakhpur owes its name to the illustrious saint Gorakhnath. Apart from paying visits to the renowned tourist attractions, there is a considerable degree of enthusiasm regarding shopping in Gorakhpur. Indianholiday.com provides you with all that you needed to know on shopping in Gorakhpur.

Shopping in Gorakhpur remains inconclusive if you don't buy those ornately embellished terracotta horses. In fact Gorakhpur has carved a niche for itself in the sphere of terracotta sculpture. Those who know the worth of ethnic handcrafted showpieces can hardly resist the opportunity of shopping in Gorakhpur. Terracotta has for long been the paradigm of Indian religious expression. These terracotta sculptures have been used as votive offerings to the Hindu gods. Ganesha and Durga idols are elaborately carved and are the finest examples of how clay can be molded to form such distinct shapes.

During your Gorakhpur shopping, you will also be tempted to buy Chikankari that is the handmade embroidery that depict intricate patterns and designs. These chikankari is renowned for its minute stitches and the finesse. It has also generated employment for a number of village women in Gorakhpur. Chaikankari work of Lucknow has already gained international repute and it can be safely concluded that Gorakhpur is a close second to Lucknow in this respect. The NGO's have shown keen interest in backing up this age-old art. So don't forget to add on some Chikankari dresses and dress materials to your wardrobe while you shop in Gorakhpur.

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