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Group Tours to India

  • A well-informed, certified guide who is a lingual expert and fluently speaks, understands and writes local and international languages. A guide who is more of a friend and oversees the needs and preferences of the entire group without missing out on anyone. A guide who always has an authentic, interesting anecdote ready to compliment the beautiful sites he takes you to.
  • A tour operator who has had credible experience in handling large and small groups on their visits to India. A travel company that really knows the difference between organizing a normal and a group tour and understands that it is better to offer buffets than a la carte menus when serving groups of large sizes.
  • An itinerary that considers the interests of all members of the group and features activities and excursions that are of common liking. For example, an itinerary which features visits to both museums and theme parks so the kids and grown ups can enjoy the day equally. Or maybe an itinerary that has a bonfire put up right next to the lake where the group enjoys folk music and live performance by local artists.
  • A service that factors in your inputs and lets you suggest customizations to existing itineraries and modify them like you want. Want to upgrade from a garden facing room to a sea facing suite for your group? Done! Want an elephant and NOT a camel ride? Done!
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Why Choose Indian Holiday for Group Travel?


You mean besides the factors we listed above? Well, broadly speaking, India, with its exquisitely diverse landforms and colorful cultures, hosts visitors in millions every year. Indian Holiday, since its inception, has successfully organized 800+ tours for guests from all over the world. A major percentage of group tours IHPL organizes includes pilgrimages, educational tours, business trips and MICE events. Our foreign clientele forms a major chunk of our group tour guest list. This is also the right time to iterate that all our tours are completely customizable and can be modified as per our guests' preferences.

At Indian Holiday, we cater our services to our guests having all kinds of preferences. While it has been mostly seen that preferences for destination, duration, theme and budget vary from client to client; we get a lot of queries for group bookings for tours to India. If you happen to be traveling in a group, IHPL has a lineup of some great India itineraries perfect for group travel. Our itineraries are elaborate and all-inclusive and factor in the special provisions necessary for hosting small and large groups. We have dedicated tour executives expert in group tour management who have been traveling with groups on their journeys all across the country. We stand by our commitment of choosing only the best for your group and we insist you look at our clients' comments on our services.

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