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Ari Embroidery

Ari Embroidery of Gujarat, India is quite famous not only within the boundaries of the country but even beyond the borders. Tourists, both domestic and international, make sure to pick some of these magnificent items having Ari Embroidery on them during their visit to Gujarat. In fact, Ari Embroidery is one of the premier handicrafts of Gujarat.

Ari Embroidery of Gujarat, India is equally old and celebrated for its heavy work. Made with the help of an awl, this method represents a cobbler's stitch. This technique of Ari demands considerable talent and practice. The finer and sharper the hook of the awl, the more superior would be the quality of the embroidery. Ari Embroidery is done in silk or Gajji which is a locally made satin. It is often done on a silky satin fabric called Atlash too.

The royal ladies of Kutch who were enthralled by the beautiful Persian motifs of peacocks and flowers were major patrons of Ari embroidery. The garments which are adorned with Ari embroidery are generally dotted with bootis (motifs). These bootis usually round off with some big sized ones which are called by the name of Nadir Shahi booti.

So, if you want to pick a few items having Ari Embroidery on them, book yourself for a tour to Gujarat without any further delay.

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