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A V Jasani Rangbhavan

Gujarat is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage. From times immemorial, various music and dance forms have flourished in the state. There are a number of Cultural centers in Gujarat, that provide a podium for expression for these folk dance and music forms, that are mostly confined to certain minor groups. Other than this, these cultural centers also provide a platform, where the different artists of the state and also from other parts of the country showcase their talent. The A V Jasani Rang bhavan, Rajkot is one such center that has over the years played a major role in popularizing the various folk art forms.

The A V Jasani Rang bhavan, Rajkot offers a 50' x 30' area of stage space. The auditorium has all the basic facilities to host a national level program. There are 2 dressing rooms for the participants. This is ideal, in case there are both male and female participants. These dressing rooms in the A V Jasani Rang bhavan in Rajkot are well equipped to facilitate the preparations of the participants before the start of the show, as well as the post show operations.

The A V Jasani Rang bhavan in Rajkot houses an open air theater. This allows the spectators to experience the excitement of live performances, under the open sky. Open air theaters have played a significant role in the cultural history of the world and also in Gujarat. They provide an electrifying ambience to the audience, who are sitting at the theater, waiting impatiently for the show to begin, and even while the performance is on. Therefore the A V Jasani Rang bhavan, Rajkot is special among its kind, as it aids the performances held in it, to reach another level.

The stage at the A V Jasani Rang bhavan, Rajkot also hosts a number of theatrical performances, as well as other formal occasions. It is among the prime centers of the cultural activities held in the state of Gujarat.

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