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Dandiya Raas

Performing Arts in Gujarat have a long history, steeped in tradition and folklore. In the days of yore, there were different dance forms performed in the different regions of Gujarat. For instance Raas, Garba, Hudo and Tippani were performed in the princely state of Saurashtra. Among the various dances of Gujarat, Dandiya Raas holds a special place. Dandiya Raas is performed during Navratri and this 9 day festival sees Gujarat at its most festive mood.

Young men and women can be seen thronging the function, dressed in their best traditional attire. Women adorn bright colored cholis while men try to look at home in their colorful kedias. Though most of these performers learn Dandiya Raas in the age old way by the trial and error method, specialized choreographed lessons are also conducted for this program. Dandiya Raas in Gujarat, India is performed in the honor of goddess Durga and the general theme is the mock fight between Durga and Mahisasura.

Dandiya Raas is generally performed after the aarti ceremony of the goddess, where both men and women participate. Unlike Dandiya dance, the Garba dance generally takes place before the aarti and only the women folk participate in it.

The circular dance steps of Dandiya Raas are more complex than one can make out, and need thorough practice. Nowadays Garba, Raas, and Dandiya have broken through the local cast, are accepted more widely. Dandiya Raas is no more restricted to Gujarat but is held all throughout India, during Navratri. Social parties and lavish eating arrangements are organized after the dance. Couple passes are available in all major outlets and huge investments are made on these functions.

The Dandiya dance continues for the complete stretch of 9 days during Navratri. It is strenuous no doubt, but on the whole enjoyable and entertaining. Performers are advised to keep their food intake light and have lots of glucose to give them the required energy. Performances of Dandiya Raas also provide a wonderful platform for the meeting of family and friends and all the young people in the country and from abroad as well.

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