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Kathi Embroidery

Handicrafts of Gujarat turn out to be one of the crucial searches for a person on tour to Gujarat. The handiworks of Gujarat comprise of a whole range of variety and embroidery happens to be an important attraction on that front. However, among the embroideries of Gujarati handicrafts, Kathi Embroidery is unique in its own kind.

Owing its roots to the nomadic Rabari tribe of Gujarat, the Kathi Embroidery is the oldest form of Gujarati embroidery and mainly comprises of use of mirrors and colorful threads stitched together to give the feel of patch work. The canvas used here is mostly black silk or satin and herringbone is the most used stitching form in this type of embroidery. 

Beautiful prominent designs depicting figures of animals, birds, flowers and plants are delineated on the fabrics. Specifically, designs of tigers, elephants and cobras are styled on the materials as symbols of elegance and grace. Also geometric shapes find place in these embroidery patterns. Motifs of leaves and little flowers adorn the inter spaces. Small mirrors are used as eyes of birds or flower centers. Heer is the most popular form of design in Kathi Embroidery. Gureri happens to be a popular item of Kathi Embroidery.

Several kinds of intensely vivid colored threads of scarlet, purple, yellow are used to stitch the form of Kathi Embroidery and lots of appliqué work is used in this form of embroidery.

The two major types of Kathi Embroidery are :

  • Aditya Fatiya
  • Patch Work

These are mostly used in ornate wall hangings, door frames.An example of ultimate brightness, color and vivacity, The Handicrafts of Gujarat being a prime attraction for the tourists on tour to Gujarat, are really unique in their own charm and grace.

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