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Mahatma Gandhinagar Gruh

Mahatma Gandhinagar Gruh, Vadodara is the town hall of the city which was built in the year 1954. The Mahatma Gandhinagar Gruh in Vadodara is situated near Jubilee Baug in Raopura in Vadodara. The hall has a capacity of accommodating thousands people at a time. Mahatma Gandhinagar Gruh in Vadodara is a cultural center where different cultural programs take place.

There are three dressing rooms in the center which facilitates an easy and quick dressing and make ups before a program that is scheduled to be hosted in the cultural center. The hall is fully air conditioned and among important cultural centers in Gujarat.

The hall is known for the continuous programs that are held throughout the year. The venue is considered important for the fact that is an old hall and the location of the hall makes it easily accessible to the people. The name of the hall is famous enough to pull in a large number of people during a cultural show. The cultural shows held in this hall in Gujarat come to the attention of the people for just the fact that the program is scheduled to be held in this venue. The hall in itself is bears great cultural significance with its name.

Vadodara is an important city in Gujarat. Vadodara is also an important commercial center. The city's inclination towards cultural activities and performances has led to the emergence of many cultural halls. Vadodara is often referred to as the 'Sanskari Nagari', which literally means "Cultured City". During the Navaratri, which is an important occasion in Gujarat a number of cultural shows are held here. The booking of the hall has to be done in advance for organizing any programs during this time of the year.

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