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Mirror Work and Embroidery

Mirror Work and Embroidery Techniques of Gujarat, India is similar to a ritual decoration and can be seen everywhere in the region. Mirror Work and Embroidery Techniques are used in several articles that are a prized possession. Mirror Embroidery Work is taken to be a leading name in the register of Handicrafts of Gujarat.

Mirror Work and Embroidery Techniques are somewhat of an inherit talent. In the State of Gujarat, Toran is the most common doorway decoration which showcases beautiful designs of embroidery. Its hanging flaps which are richly adorned are believed to ventilate good luck. Chaklas which are used as furniture covers also boast of embroidered square pieces. Bhitiya, an impressive wall hanging is another prized catch for the tourists which bears testimony to the craftsmanship of the artisans engaged in Mirror Work and Embroidery. Pachhitpatis, the embroidered frieze, is another example of the skill of the local people. 

On your tour to Gujarat, you may even pick Abhala whose magnificent mirror inset embroidery has made it a part of the ethnic chic fashion world.

In Abhala, little mirror discs are set using closely worked silken threads. Generally, the mirror work is made on a dark background with motifs such as petals, flowers, creepers, etc. A majority of these motifs are inspired by ancient belief, daily life as well as rituals. However, they differ from region to region and are passed down from one generation to the other over the centuries.

Mirror Embroidery work can also be seen in gaghras (skirts), cholis (bodices), odhnis (shawls), bags, wall hangings, bed spreads and many other ornamental pieces for home decor. Until recently, long hours were devoted to create some of the best designs using embroidery and mirror work for personal use. However, things today have become a bit more organized and slightly speedier with the aim of catering to the requirements of the tourists as well.

So, book yourself for a Tour to Gujarat as soon as possible in order to pick some of these stunning items having Mirror Work and Embroidery designs on them.

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