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Patola Embroidery

Any true traveler planning a tour to Gujarat will surely be interested to know about the kinds of handicrafts in Gujarat as well as that is an integral part of the state. Among the various types of handicraft categories, the Patola Embroidery is a handiwork that draws prime interest from the visitors.

The Patola Embroidery is woven on the Patola silk which acts as a rich base to the embroidery. It is an exclusive fabric of hand woven silk and originates in Patan. Unlike block prints procedures, tie and dye technique is used to create fabulous geometric motifs on the Patola silk. The whole procedure is time consuming and intricate but the end result deserves a special place in your closet for its elegance and intricate handiwork.

The Patola Embroidery being one of the most important features of the handicrafts of Gujarat, originally used to be done with juices and extracts of vegetations, like, leaves, flowers, stems. However, later chemical dyes have taken their place. The design most in use is the form of ikkat, the diagonally dispersed diamonds with elephant, walnut, Dancing Girl, Narikunja and Parrot. Extensive use of vibrant colors add extra dimension to the fabrics.

The Patola silk is woven on a special hand operated primitive harness loom made out of bamboo shafts. Traditionally, the business of Patola Embroidery mostly is run as family business. A very costly product due to its demanding work procedure, the Patola saree is used as a trousseau and is considered to be an item of delicate preservation.

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