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Performing Arts of Gujarat

A tourist on his Tour to Gujarat is sure to get enraptured by the variety of Arts and Crafts of Gujarat which are extremely rich as far as culture and tradition is concerned. However, amongst these, the Performing Arts of Gujarat are truly enchanting and full of life and vigor.

Music in Gujarat has all along been one of the richest Performing Arts of Gujarat as it assimilates within itself a huge variety of classical and folk music culture. Baiju Bawra, a legendary exponent of Indian classical music hailed from Gujarat. Vallabhacharya, had almost pioneered Hindusthani Classical music in the form of Haveli Music. Ragas like Gurjari Tori, Bilaval, Sorathi, Khambavati, Ahiri and Lati have been named areas of the state. Instrument like Vichitra Veena was invented by Jesingbhai of Gujarat. Also, Turi, Bungal, Pava, Ektaro, Manjira have their roots in Gujarat.

Borne and preserved by the Charans and Gadhavis, the folk music in Gujarat is breathtaking in its own ways. Marsias (elegiac music form sung to mark the occasion of death), Sugam Sangeet (light classical), Saam music (music of Saamveda) are the few types of this genre. The Vaishnava cult or the temple music is a different form of musical rendition amongst all other Performing Arts of Gujarat which exudes the devotional spirit most individualistically.

Among folk dances, the other of the Performing Arts of Gujarat, the Bhavai is a form of dance drama performed only by men and which is a rich display of expressions through the depiction of the veshas - staged performances of parts of social lives of various communities of Gujarat. Ras is another folk dance performed with sticks (Dandiya) especially during Holi. Garba, a women oriented dance form, is performed in huge circle, with women balancing earthen pots on their heads during the occasions of Navratri, Holi, Sharad Purnima and Vasant Panchami.

Dangi Nritya, Tippani Nritya, Padhar Nritya and Siddi are some other examples of the large canvas of Performing Arts of Gujarat.

A Tour to Gujarat therefore calls for an ear for good music or at least a quest to know and delve into the best in order to relish the Arts and Crafts of Gujarat to the fullest.

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