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Performing Arts and Culture form an important means of expression of the Indian ethos. Different states practice different dance forms, classical music and have their own share of folklore. Programs are organized to showcase these performing arts and artists, who have kept these age old art forms alive, through their practice of it. The Performing arts in Gujarat are some of the most colorful and the performers in question are great exponents of their specialized arts. The different regions of Gujarat come alive, especially during Navratri, which is considered to be one of their prominent festivals. Many forms of dances are performed during this time, which are steeped in the fragrance of legends and romance - Raas is one of them.

Raas is a very energetic dance, where color and gaiety play important parts. It is performed with a lot of gusto and the body language, eye contact, expressions and rhythm plays a major part here. Two circles formed by men and women revolve in clockwise and anti clockwise movements, while clanging their dandias with their respectve partners. They have to move according to the rhythm of the music and as well as clang their dandias.

Raas is one of the most popular dances of Gujarat which brings together family and friends during the festival of Navratri. It also brings together the young boys and girls, who plan for this special event throughout the year. No wonder that so many romances materialize during Navratri!

Though Raas in Gujarat, India is a traditional dance form, youngsters show no dearth of interest towards it. Navratri sees them in their traditional outfits, all geared up to reach the venue. The folk dances of Gujarat, Garba, Raas , and Dandiya have been successful in breaking the confinements of locality and the festival of Navratri brings together the whole of India. Special dancing competitions and lavish feasts are organized during the holy festival of Navratri. Couple passes are available in all major outlets and and huge investments made on these functions.

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