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Rabari Embroidery

The Rabaris are a wandering group of people who are recognized for their extraordinary capacity for endurance and adaptation in the arid areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan. They are also widely recognized for their distinctive arts, particularly embroidery, mirrored mud sculpture and beadwork. However, amongst all these, Rabari Embroidery stands apart boasting of a class of its own. In fact, Rabari Embroidery of Gujarat, India is one of the leading Handicrafts of Gujarat.

Rabaris embroider an extensive range of garments, household decorations, bags and animal trappings. The objects that these people embroider highlight significant events, rites and values of their lives. Girls of Rabari community traditionally embroider skirts, veils, blouses, wall hangings, purses, pillows and Kothalo-the dowry sacks.

Married women adorn children's clothing as well as cradle cloths. These embroideries usually reflect the primacy of children. Besides that, the mirrors which are embroidered also guard their children against evil spirits that are believed to inhabit their world.

Some of these Rabari Embroidery emphasize particular customs. Elaborately embroidered kothaliya, purses in which the bridegroom carries traditional gifts of supari and pan, symbolize the significance of exchange in maintaining familial ties. Rabari Embroidery done on ludi veils showcases the importance of laj, the conventional modesty that the women of Rabari community observe.

The finest Rabari Embroidery with most intricate patterns are created by the needle of the craftsmen of Mutwa and Jat communities. The Mutwas, staying in Banni, stand out in all styles of embroidery. They work out the small mirrors with ease. Quality silk and fine handspun cotton is used in white, golden yellow, blue, black and red to develop patterns and booties which are interspersed with animal and bird motifs. The Jats, who migrated from the regions of Baluchistan, are skilled in inserting even the smallest of the mirrors with extreme precision, amidst pleasant colors and design that generally have geometric patterns.

Rabari Embroidery Technique is even thankful to the ladies from Lohana community in Banni. These expert women craft fantasy with silk thread that are thickly piled in golden yellow, deep orange, bright black and dark red color. The beautiful bootis are inset with mirrors, with the use of buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, etc.

So, if you want to buy some articles having Rabari Embroidery on them, book yourself for a Tour to Gujarat without any additional delay.

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