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Tie and Dye Techniques

Tie and Dye is counted as a leader amongst the Handicrafts of Gujarat. The rich and vibrant tradition of the state of Gujarat is reflected in these beautiful materials that use the tie and dye techniques. The art of Tie and Dye is widely known as Bandhej in the various areas of Gujarat. Anjar, Bhuj and Jamnagar are the key regions where artisans work traditionally on Bandhej.

Tie and Dye Techniques of Gujarat, India invlove various steps. The initial step is to dip the fabric in a color of your choice. Then, the fabric is folded to a quarter of its original size. The designs and patterns of tie and dye are made with the combination of little circles and dots. The borders are usually broad and have beautiful colors in various matching or contrasting shades.

The process of tying of the border and the subsequent release of the color is known as sevo bandhavo. The coloring procedure of Tie and Dye includes working the lightest shade at first. The darker color is introduced at a later stage. An unlimited color scheme can be used for Tie and Dye Techniques.

The quality of a material that has tie and dye patterns on it can be evaluated by the size of the dots. The smaller and closer to the dimension of a pinhead the dots are, the better is the quality of tie and dye. Colors that are commonly used in tie and dye techniques are maroon, red, black, golden and yellow.

So, book yourself for a Tour to Gujarat at your earliest so that you may stack your shopping bags with these attractive items having Tie and Dye designs on them.

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