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Popular Gujarati Delicacies

Ask a foreigner with moderate information on Indian cuisine, what he/she understands by Indian cuisine. The list of delicacies you would be answered with would most surely have butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, biriyani, and most surely either samosa or papdi chaat into it. The most popular Gujarati delicacies have now crossed the political and physical boundaries of their homeland to become esteemed members of vegetarian Indian restaurants all over the globe.

The cuisine of Gujarat is largely vegetarian, owing to the strong influence of Jainism and later Vaishnavism on the people of the state. Also, the Gujaratis are one of the largest vegetarian communities in the country. However, with the amount of variety the Gujaratis have put in into their food, the famous Indian British cookbook writer Madhur Jaffrey has termed Gujarati cuisine as "the haute cuisine of vegetarianism".

The most popular delicacies of Gujarat in India are characterized by a high content of ghee, sugar and spices. Let us classify the most popular Gujarati delicacies into snacks, main course and dessert.

Gujarati Snacks 

The chaats have won the tongues and the hearts of foodies all over the country and the globe. Chaats are mostly made of fried flour flakes, stuffed flour breads, yoghurt, gram, chickpea, bhujia, pickles, tamarind water, boiled potatoes, etc. The most popular chaats are papdi chaat, kachori chaat, raj kachori chaat, samosa chaat, etc.

Dhoklas are another type of Gujarati snack, now quite popular outside Gujarat as well. Dhoklas are made of gram flour and yoghurt and served with pickles, and bhujia. The other popular snacks include mathia, cholafali, khandvi, farsan, kachori, patra, pani puri, and the list can go on and on. Samosas- triangular stuffed fired flour dish, found all over India, are also famous from Gujarat.

Main Course

The main course usually is served in a thali, which is the internationally most well known face of Indian cuisine. The thali usually consists of chapattis, a little rice, lentils, saag, vegetable curry, yoghurt, kadhi, pickles. Undhiyun, Sev Tametanu Shak, Meethi (Sweet) Kadhi are some of the delicacies most often eaten with chapatti or rice.


Here comes the list of sweet dishes; and the Gujaratis definitely have one sweet tooth too many. Sutarfeni, Halvasan, Malpua, Shrikhand, Keri no ras, Basundi, Ghari (sweet from Surat), Ghebar or Ghevar (sweet from Surat), Puran Poli are some of the Gujarati desserts. Most of the sweet delicacies in Gujarati cuisine are fried in ghee and thereafter dipped into sugar syrup locally known as chashni. The key ingredients used are milk, yoghurt, flour, ghee, sugar, cardamom, dry fruits like pistachios, nuts, almonds, resins, buttermilk, etc.

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