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Gulmarg Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Gulmarg

There are a few places on earth as appealing as Gulmarg Hill-Station.

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Gulmarg At a Glance
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  • Best Time to Visit:March to Nov
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Gulmarg Tourism | Gulmarg Travel Guide

Nestled in the proximity of the Himalayan state of Jammu & Kashmir, Gulmarg is synonymous with beauty and finding another place like that is next to impossible. Whether you are an adventure seeker, or you a peace lover, this destination embraces you with wide arm opens. This small town is nestled in the Pin Panjal range of the Gargantuan Himalayan mountains, with its significant mark on the history of India. With the elevation of 8,690 ft, Gulmarg is a popular skiing destination that offers incredible experience of skiing and many other winter sports. The meaning of Gulmarg is a meadow of flowers, and by looking at the beauty of this town, there is no second thought that it truly lives up to its name.

This town offers incredible views of the glorious Himalayas and the scenic beauty that will win your heart. In the summertime, it is a perfect place for enjoying the peaceful environment of nature. But, in winter, it becomes a hub of winter adventure. Apart from skiing, there are numerous things to do during your Gulmarg tour, like golfing, trekking, and birdwatching. The scenic valley of Gulmarg makes you feel like heaven on earth and offers the mighty snow-clad mountains of the Pir Panjal range. Gulmarg is one of the best ski resorts in India that offer incredible scenic views that everyone wishes to capture with cameras and their eyes.

If you are planning your vacation to Gulmarg? Take a look at this Gulmarg Travel guide to make your holiday a delight.

Why Visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the most serene and picturesque hill stations in Kashmir and receives the heaviest snowfalls in winters that give a magnificent view of snow capped mountains. In the summertime, the best thing to do in Gulmarg is to experience culture, religion and indulge in outdoor activities. But, if you visit in the wintertime, the first thing that amazes you is snow-covered meadows and a live snowfall. Enjoying adventure sports in winter will hold a special place in your heart like heli-skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding. But skiing is one of the major winter sports in Gulmarg that will fill your holiday with thrill.

Apart from enjoying adventure sports and activities, you can spend some time in peace with natural beauty. Don't forget one of the major attractions of Gulmarg, the gondola ride, which allows you to catch the panoramic view of the valley. If you are a trekking lover, then this town offers you several trek routes. You can enjoy the trekking and reach Alpather Lake, which is one of the most famous lakes of Gulmarg.

How to reach Gulmarg?

The nearest airport to Gulmarg is Srinagar Airport that is around 56 km away. You can take taxis and jeeps from outside the airport to reach your destination. Srinagar airport is well connected with all the major domestic airports. The closest railway station is Jammu Tawi, which is at a distance of around 290 km. This railway station is linked with all domestic railheads, and after reaching the railway station, you can take a taxi or bus to reach Gulmarg from Station.

You can reach Gulmarg by road via the national highway 1-A that connects Gulmarg to the major cities and good connectivity of roads. The state-owned buses and private deluxe buses are available for visitors to reach the destination.

How to Get Around Gulmarg

If you want to cover the smaller distance in Glumar, then you can get around in Gulmarg by walking or by hiring a pony. You can also get local rickshaws to commute from one place to other places. Getting around Gulmarg is preferable by foot or by flagging down a taxi, and if you can't find a taxi easily, then you can catch a taxi around by the market or bus stand and outside the gondola or by the junction near the Hotel Hilltop.

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a destination that attracts tourists throughout the year, and you can mark the best time to visit as per your traveling preferences. But, if we have to talk about in general terms, the
The best time to visit Gulmarg is between March and June because it is the time when the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing.

During this period, the weather remains adequate and neither very hot nor shivering cold. If you are chasing snow or you want to behold the beauty of live snowfall, then visiting Gulmarg in January to February is the ideal time for you. Experience the spring in the meadows of Gulmarg from April to May, and if you want to feel the greenery of the valley, then plan your vacation in July. You can enjoy your vacation with less crowd in the month of March or August.

Places to Visit In Gulmarg

This small town has something for everyone, and you will be surprised by exploring every dimension of it as it is full of fun and adventure. Visit Khilanmarg to witness the spectacular view of the Himalayan peak and unwind yourself in the calming atmosphere. Add bliss to your holiday by riding a pony amidst serene surroundings. It is a paradise valley dotted with flowers of various colors during the spring and summer months.

You can experience skiing in a perfect environment in winter at Khilanmarg. If you want to enjoy picnic time with your family, then head to the Ningli Nallah because this streaming site is one of the best picnic spots in Gulmarg with extraordinary natural beauty. Trekking to Apharwat Peak, which is located at an altitude of 4500 ft gives you the next level of thrill. It is one of the main locations of Gulmarg because of the gondola ride. Being the greenest golf course worldwide, Gulmarg Golf Course is a treat for golfers and nature lovers. If you don't know how to play golf, you can take the help of trainers and enhance your travel experience by trying golfing at one of the best-golfing destinations of India.

Explore the Biosphere Reserve, where you can find many common and rare species of fauna, flora and birds. You can spot serow, brown bear, leopard, red fox and black bear and make your holiday more delightful. The Alpther lake is also known as Frozen Lake because of being frozen from November until mid-June.This lake offers the beauty of nature in so many ways and allows you to capture mesmerizing views. If you are the one who wants solitude in the natural beauty, Alpather Lake suits you perfectly. Enjoy the natural glory of Gulmarg with your family at the Children's park. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers that offers beautiful flowers and several fun activities that every kind of traveler enjoys.

A hill station seems incomplete without offering a best destination for a honeymoon couple. So, here is the ideal destination for a newlywed couple. Lien Marg, nestled at 8,700 ft, is a perfect place for the love birds to spend some time in coziness with high altitudes. The thick pine forests and blooming wildflowers in the middle of sloping meadows add charm to the beauty of this place. Adventure lovers can also enjoy trekking and behold the stunning views in Lien Marg.

Things to do in Gulmarg

This hill station is full of fun and adventure activities that keep every kind of traveler entertained throughout the holiday. Whether you are a nature lover, adventure seeker, want solitude, or spend some family time, Gulmarg is electrifying in every way. Here are some activities that you can enjoy in this hill station.

  • Horse riding,
  • Ridge climbing,
  • Skiing,
  • Visiting temples,
  • Riding a pony,
  • Zorbing
  • Horse riding,
  • Hot air ballooning,
  • Bird watching

Accommodation in Gulmarg

This hill station offers a wide range of accommodation options for you with good facilities. The accommodation options in Gulmarg range from lavish hotels to budget-friendly hotels. Hospitality of hotels gives you full comfort that you can unwind yourself without facing any trouble. You can choose resorts for your accommodation and make your holiday more pleasurable. Let's look out the list of some of the best options to stay in Gulmarg.

  • Shaw Inn By Stay Pattern
  • The Khyber Himalayan Resorts
  • Nedou's Hotel
  • The Vintage Gulmarg
  • Grand Mumtaz Resorts
  • Heevan Retreat
  • The Rosewood
  • Hotel Zahgeer Continental

Where to Eat in Gulmarg?

This picturesque town is not only a feast for the eyes but a delight for the belly, too. You can taste the delicious Kashmiri cuisine with the generous use of spices and dry fruits as it helps the people of the district to support the extremely cold weather conditions. The taste of Gulmarg food items and Kashmiri cuisine makes you crave more. You can have the best foods of Gulmarg like Dum Olav, Modur Pulao, Roghan Josh, Masala Tcotte from the amazing restaurants of Gulmarg. Let's check out the list of restaurants that will take care of your appetite.

  • Hotel Highlands Park
  • Bakshi
  • Big Bite Fast Food
  • Nedous Dining Room
  • Alpine Lounge
  • Hillpoint
  • Global Restaurant

Shopping in Gulmarg

The culture of Gulmarg is visible all over the town in the numerous shopping items that are made locally. Experience shopping in Gulmarg allows you to get in touch with its charming culture and beauty that is a delight for your holiday. You will find many shops for traditional clothing, locally made handicrafts, and local produce. Check out the list of shopping places where you can fill your bag with some items as souvenirs.

  • Haji Akbar Cloth House
  • Khan’s Tailor Shop
  • Ladakh Art Palace
  • Faiz ShawlsThe Main Market
  • Shahab Textiles

Some Useful Tips for a Trip to Gulmarg

  • Plan your vacation by keeping in the mind The Snow Festival of Gulmarg
  • Pre-Hotel Booking to save yourself from hassle
  • Keep Water Bottle with you while exploring the town
  • Explore the town by walking as much as possible.

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