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Guwahati Temperature

Guwahati is one of the best holiday destinations in Assam and is blessed with a humid subtropical climate. Therefore, Guwahati temperature remains relatively low from October to April. And thus, it is the perfect time to visit Guwahati. Moreover, Guwahati weather allows tourists to get a respite from the heat in summers, and for cold weather lovers, the weather of Guwahati is delightful. In short, you can plan your vacation in Guwahati as per your preferences and the suitable climate condition. In addition, you can also contact our tour experts to book a Guwahati tour package. A tour to Guwahati is all about having an excellent opportunity to create memories forever. 

Around April, January, and September-October, the Guwahati climate remains pleasant, and you can also attend major festivals like Bihu. However, the coldest month in Guwahati is January, with an average low temperature of 10.5°C, and the driest month in Guwahati, with the least rainfall. Overall, Assam weather gets extremely low in the winter months, and thus, it is recommended to bring heavy woolens with you.

Here is the detailed information about Guwahati Temperature

Guwahati in January

The coldest month in Guwahati, January, experiences freezing weather, and you need to cover yourself up to avoid getting sick. In January, the average low temperature in Guwahati is 10.5°C, and the average high is 23.6°C. You can sip on hot Assamese tea and savor warm snacks to enjoy the chilly Guwahati climate.

Guwahati in February

February is Guwahati is the last winter month and is one of the best times for honeymooners to visit Guwahati. The weather is still freezing, with average high and low temperatures fluctuates between 11.9°C and 26°C. So you can enjoy your holiday in peace and explore the tourist attractions like Kamakhya Temple and Assam State Museum.

Guwahati in March

Guwahati's temperature in March remains between 15.7°C and 29.9°C, and the weather remains cool. It would help if you carried light woolens as it might get cold at night. With an average humidity of 57%, March is the least humid month in Guwahati. In March, you can plan a visit with your family to Guwahati and enjoy various activities to make your trip memorable.

Guwahati in April

The weather of Guwahati in April remains pleasant and is a tropical pre-monsoon summer month. The average temperature in April in Guwahati ranges from a minimum of 19.9°C to a maximum of 30.7°C. It is a great time to visit Guwahati and indulge in sightseeing tours.

Guwahati in May

Guwahati temperature in May hovers from 22.4° to 31°C. You can visit Guwahati from prominent places in North East India and other loved ones. But, remember that it is a hot month and the weather gets quite hot during the afternoon. So, make sure to keep a water bottle handy and yourself hydrated.

Guwahati in June

The month of June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Guwahati. Guwahati weather remains hot, and the average relative humidity is 81%. The average low and high temperatures also fluctuate from 24.8°C to 31.9°C, and it is advised to avoid planning a trip in June to Guwahati.

Guwahati in July

July experiences heavy rain showers, and the Guwahati climate remains hot. The average temperature ranges between max 31.7°C and min 25.3°C. Therefore, it is best to avoid visiting Guwahati in July as the heavy rain showers will keep you stuck inside, hindering all your sightseeing tours and activities.

Guwahati in August

August is the warmest month in Guwahati. Guwahati weather is scorching, with average temperatures between 25.4°C and 32.1°C. Keep yourself hydrated, and wear sunscreen lotion and glasses. The best time to explore the city will be after sunset.

Guwahati in September

Monsoon season ends in September. Guwahati weather during this time remains hot. The temperature of Guwahati also fluctuates between 24.4°C and 31.4°C. Also, both July and September months experience an average relative humidity of 83%, making them the most humid months in Guwahati.

Guwahati in October

October is one of the best months to visit Guwahati. It is the first month of the post-monsoon autumn and is a tropical month. Guwahati's temperature in October varies from 21.9°C to 30.2°C, allowing you to explore the major tourist attractions for a great sightseeing tour.

Guwahati in November

With the average temperature hovering between max 27.5°C and min 16.8°C, November is a great time to visit Guwahati with loved ones. The climate of Guwahati in November remains pleasant and cool, and you can explore places like Assam State Zoo, Nehru Park, Guwahati Planetarium, and shopping markets.

Guwahati in December

December is the first month of the winter. During this time, Guwahati's temperature in December ranges from 11.8°C to 24.4°C. In December, many people flock to Guwahati to enjoy the cool Guwahati climate, relish warm Assamese cuisines, and explore the major tourist attractions.

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