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Shopping in haridwar

Haridwar is an ancient pilgrimage site situated on the banks of the river Ganga in Uttaranchal, India. One of the most renowned pilgrim centers in India, Haridwar attracts pilgrims worldwide who flock to this holy city to take a dip in the sacred waters of the river Ganga. Primarily a pilgrim destination, Haridwar is far from a shopper's paradise. Nevertheless, the place offers quite a few enchanting options for shopping in Haridwar.

Although shopping in Haridwar does not feature very prominently in the itinerary of most tourists, Haridwar offers some interesting handicraft items which serve as excellent souvenirs and gift items. The temples' markets sell a wide range of jewelry imitations, which feature as popular purchase items for pilgrims. The bangles, chains, ear, and nose rings are some of the decent buys.

The main centers for shopping in Haridwar are Moti bazaar, Upper Road, Jwalapur, and Kankhal. In addition, the Government Handloom and Handicrafts Emporiums and the Gandhi Ashram are excellent centers for buying a variety of decorative handicraft items.

While shopping in Haridwar, you will find numerous intricately carved stone idols, which serve as unique souvenirs. The stones used here are the ones that the river Ganga deposits at Rishikesh before entering the plains from this point. The stones come in fantastic shapes and sizes, sporting a natural polish. Other stone items popular among tourists shopping in Haridwar are kitchen-set toys, sold aplenty.

Some other sought-after items for shopping in Haridwar include Rudrakash, Gangajali (Vessels containing Ganga water), pickles, kumkum (vermilion), and Ayurvedic medicine, and precious stones.

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