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Crafts of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular states that represent excellent craftsmanship. Since time immemorial, the Himachali craftsmen have carved elaborate patterns on wood and metal, made baskets of all sizes and shapes, woven carpets and rugs, embroidered exquisite designs on silk and fine cotton, and painted intricately on various types of canvas. This rich cultural heritage is preserved in the art galleries, museums, and temples of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, with encouragement from the state government, much of this creativity still thrives today. As a result, crafts in Himachal Pradesh are one of the enticing parts of its tourism. People from all over the corners visit this state to admire its crafts and buy handicraft items as souvenirs.

Art and craft institutes in Himachal Pradesh have helped artists enhance their skills and preserve this rich tradition. In addition, you can find emporia and shops in various cities in the state selling a wide range of handicrafts. Read further to know more about Himachal Pradesh art and craft.


Himachal Pradesh Cities