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Wood Crafts in Himachal Pradesh

Wood Crafts is one of the exquisite crafts of Himachal Pradesh, as well as an ancient handicraft of the region. You can see the extensive range of Himachal Pradesh handicrafts such as Embroidery, Paintings, Rugs and Carpets, Shawls, Silver Work, Stone Craft, Textile, Wood Crafts and Metal Craft of Himachal Pradesh.

This state is one of the few states in India where wood is significantly used as a structural material. Hence, woodcraft in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular.

The picturesque land of Himachal Pradesh is dotted with an abundance of pine, deodar, walnut, horse chestnut, and wild black mulberry trees.

Evidences of wood crafts can be seen in traditional village homes constructed with richly carved doors, picture windows, ceilings, and balcony panels, with a collection of figures jutting out. You can witness such a beautiful work of art in remote areas of the state, especially in Kinnaur and Kullu districts.

The places famous for wood crafting in Himachal Pradesh are Chamba, Kalpa, Tisa, Kinnaur, and Kullu.

This tastefully done woodwork is marked by excellent features and intricate designs, which gives it a dazzling look. The renowned woodcraft items that you will come across in the several markets of Himachal Pradesh are jars, jewelry, fruit bowls, serving bowls, storage carved idols, photo frames, mirror frames, candle stands, trays, and baskets.

The large wooden boxes used for grain storage are famous in Chamba. These geometrically shaped boxes are adorned with animal motifs or abstracts. All these items are hugely popular among tourists.

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