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Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

Shopping in Himachal Pradesh is a heaven for everyone. Be it  handicrafts, shawls, pullovers, local tweeds, Tibetan carpets and handicrafts,  wood, metalwork, wooden articles, toys, Kullu shawls, caps, pickles and jams and squashes, basketry, beads or trendy artificial  jewelry.

Carpets with brilliant hues and patterns of dragons, birds, trees, flowers, and swastikas for luck woven in traditional ways are available in almost every big city. While shopping in Himachal Pradesh you can pick up.

Souvenirs that you can pick up include brightly printed cotton head scarves from Chamba, handkerchiefs patterned with fine embroidery, bangles and rings made of horsehair and  pretty dolls in traditional clothes. Shop for Chamba and Kangra paintings with minutely detailed depictions of royal scenes and romantic tales from Hindu mythology coloured with organic pigments or you can pick up woodcraft from walnut, chestnut and wild mulberry trees in the shape of fruit bowls, beer mugs, jewelery and rosaries.Back-slung baskets to collect fruits or harvested crops and egg- baskets made of cane, lamp stands and tea-pots made of silver are also hot selling items in Himachal Pradesh.

Enjoy a holiday in Himachal Pradesh and go to the various famous shopping destinations that offer great shopping delight.

Best Places for Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

Shopping in Shimla

Best place for shopping in Shimla is The Mall. There are several government run emporiums and several private outlets on this road. Another popular shopping place is the Lower Bazaar,which is absolutely chaotic, noisy and full of life. While in Shimla you must buy walking sticks which are available in Lakkar Bazaar which is quite famous for wooden souvenirs. The Kullu and Kinnauri shawls and the Tibetan carpets are simply splendid and worth buying. Also the Kinnauri mufflers and scarves and other Kinnauri winter garments are highly in demand. Besides the Pashmina shawls are something to watch out for. The shops closer to ridge sell a lot of Tibetan jewelry.
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Shopping in Kullu

Famous Kullu shawls, Kullu caps, Buddhist paintings, woolens, mufflers and Tibetan carpets, traditional jewelry fruits like apples, jams, pickles, , are some of the items that can be bought here. It is advisable to buy from reputed shops. Tibetan Bazaar and Sultanpur Market are also recommended for shopping. The Himalayan Stores on the Mall Road the local sells very good home-made yak and cheddar cheese.
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Shopping in Manali

In Manali you can buy woolen shawls, antiques, Tibetan handicrafts, inlaid silver jewelry and souvenirs. Best place for shopping in Manali is Mall Road. Locally produced apricot oil, honey and fruit products can be purchased in Manali.
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Shopping in Mcleod Ganj

In Mcleodganj you can buy bronze statues, Tibetan artifacts, metal prayer wheels and prayer Thangkas. Jogibara Road, Temple Road and Bhagsu Road are main shopping areas. Tibetan Handicrafts Cooperative Center on Jogibara Road sells some authentic hand woven Tibetan carpets here you can watch Tibetan refugees weaving carpets. Bargain if you want to have the best deal.
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Shopping in Chail

There aren’t too many shopping options in Chail. Locally made woolen shawls, carpets and caps can be bought in Chail.
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