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Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre

Lalithadripura, Near Chamundi Hill, Mysuru, Mysore, Karnataka - 570028 Map View Map

Hotel Location: Near Chamundi Hill
Rooms: 12
Check-in time: From 12:00 / Check-out time: Until 12:00
  • Lalithadripura, Near Chamundi Hill, Mysuru, Mysore


The Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre is located in the lush blissful verdure of Mysore. Combining the knowledge of the Vedas, the resort is a haven to revitalize senses, body, mind and soul. The Vaastu inspired ambiance, the understanding of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation makes this an ideal getaway for vacation. Combining the royal charm of Mysore with the ancient secrets of the Vedas, the retreat is therapeutic for visitors. The award-winning resort is designed by a panel of experts of Ayurveda. The loving and hospitable care of the staff, the blessed ambiance and the best of personalized service round-the-clock.

Language: Kannada, Hindi, English

Best Season: October – February

Weather: Summer: 20°C and 32°C and Winter: 7°C to 18°C

Hotel Features
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa
4Food & Drink
  • Restaurant/ Coffee Shop
  • Breakfast in the room
  • Free! Wi-Fi is available
  • Free! Free private parking is available on site.
  • Room Service
  • 24-hour front desk
  • 24-hour room service
  • Ayurveda treatments
Room Types
  • Cottages

    Cottages at the retreat are ecofriendly constructions well-furnished with all amenities. The liberal use of bamboo and other natural building materials gives a very charming warm look to these cottages. The cottages are built amid beautiful tress of sandalwood, mango and many others. Showcasing traditional décor, the amenities includes an open courtyard in the bath room with separate shower and bathtub, safe, wardrobes, telephone, etc.

  • Deluxe

    The deluxe rooms’ are spacious quarters that provide all comforts with quality. Surrounded amid lots of tropical green and palm trees, the rooms have beautiful view. Families, couples and the one seeking solace from the hustle-bustle of life have a comfortable stay.

  • Standard

    The standard rooms at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre are simple and comfortable in a limited budget. These non-air-conditioned rooms have great view of lush green gardens with some rooms having the Mountain View.


Accommodation at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre is designed on the basis of Vaastu shastra, an ancient way of harmonious designs and architecture. The rooms are comfortable, pleasant and has a healing kind of ambiance.


Like everything in the resort, dining is also based on Vedic principles. Authentic food of India are served on the menu. Fresh fruits, locally grown vegetables, legumes, grains, light spices, low sodium and healthily prepared food is available. The wholesome vegetarian cuisine is simple yet mouthwatering making you taste food like never before. A meal in Annapoorna, the in-house restaurant is a treat for your Tastebuds. For patients seeking holistic benefits taste the sumptuous Ayurvedic meals, cooked and served in completely hygienic conditions.


Based on the Vedas, Ayurvedic treatments at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre starts with a consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner. After proper examination, determining the Doshas, pulse diagnosis, and health history, a series of treatments and internal purification procedures will be prepared.

Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma is a five-step process of purification, removing toxins and creating harmony of senses with nature. An Ayurvedic practitioner plans the entire process over a period of 7 to 28 days or longer depending on the health condition. The benefits of the treatments in not just removal of toxins, increased energy, increased physical mobility, greater happiness and increased sense of well-being.

The 5-step ancient cleansing program holds true in value till date. The therapy helps to provide solutions and cure from allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalagia, Multiple Sclerosis, digestive complaints, obesity, arthritis, Diabetes, sexual and fertility disorders, etc. The therapy is equally beneficial to prevent disease and in slowing down the aging process.

The Panchakarma treatments include therapies like

  • Toxin Cleansing Therapy – Basti – Karma
  • Blood Purification Therapy – Raktamokshana
  • Ayurvedic Healing Nasal Treatment – Nasya Therapy
  • Ayurveda Panchkarma for Pitta Detoxification – Virechana
  • Ayurvedic Emesis Therapy – Vamana

Individual Ayurvedic Treatments

  • Navel Oil Bath – Chakra Nabi Basti
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapy – Abhyanga
  • Luxurious Hand Treatment – Karashubhakari
  • Foot and Leg Massage – Padaabhyanga
  • Energy Healing
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Foot Massage – Padashubhakari
  • Low Back Oil Therapy – Kati Basti
  • Gem Therapy
  • Treatment for Neck Pain – Greeva Basti
  • Traditional Artwork on Hands and Feet -Mehndi
  • Oil Drip Treatment – Shirodhara
  • Ayurvedic Facial Beauty Treatment – Soundaryavardhini
  • Treatment For Knee Pain – Janu Basti
  • Ayurvedic Eye Treatment – Netra Tarpana and Netradhara
  • Treatment for Chest Problems – Hrid Basti
  • Cooling Head Treatment – Talam
  • Herbal Steam Detoxification Treatment – Sweda
  • Ayurvedic Head Oil Treatment – Shiro Basti
  • Advanced, luxurious massage – Navarakizhi, Pinda Sweda, Shastik Sala Pinda Swedana
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for the Head – Talapodichil
  • Medicated Oil Treatment for the Head – Shiropicho
  • Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage – Shiroabhyanga
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Padaghata
  • Advanced, luxurious massage – Patra Pinda – Sweda
  • Luxurious Decoction Treatment – Kashaya Seka
  • Oil drip for entire body – Sarvangadhara (Pizichili) Kayaseka
  • Weight loss treatment – Udvartana
  • Ayurvedic Hair Rejuvenation – Keshini


  • Room service
  • In-house Ayurvedic restaurant
  • Tennis court
  • Yoga hall
  • Meditation classes
  • Cooking and Ayurveda classes
  • Jyotish astrology readings
  • Digital Safe locker
  • 24 hrs Hot Water
  • Bath Tub and / or Shower
  • Dressing Table
  • Sightseeing services in Mysore