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Hotels in Junagadh

The erstwhile state of Junagadh in Gujarat boasts of a long line of tradition and history. References of it could be found even in the early texts from the time of Ashoka. The 14 rock cut edifices outside the city wall proves ample evidence to its antiquity. This fortified city located at the foothills of Mount Girnar has a tumultuous political history too. For instance it was the capital of the Mauryan and the Gupta dynasty and later on was the reigning seat of the Chudasama Rajputs till the 15th century when it was taken over by the Muslim rulers. The Nawab who ruled it during pre Independence era wanted it to be a part of Pakistan.

However since the majority of the people were Hindus the Nawab was forced to run into exile and that is how Junagadh became a part of India. If you are visiting Junagadh there is no need whatsoever to worry about Hotels in Junagadh. However we would advice you to make your bookings beforehand to avoid last minute rush. Though there are very few luxury Hotels in Junagadh, the few that exists are generally situated near the hub of the city or close to the market places. These hotels provide you the best of everything that you could ask for and possibly more. A state of the art living facility coupled with fine dining experience and a host of other facilities makes your stay worthwhile and memorable. The rooms are not exactly replica of five star hotels but nevertheless comfortable and spacious.

Hotels in Junagadh offer good dining facilities too. Most of the hotels here have onsite restaurant and the very few that don't have an in house restaurant have nearby eating access and restaurants. The restaurant provides you both vegetarian and non vegetarian items. However special vegetarian Jain foods are also available in some of the hotels as many Jains pilgrims visit Mount Girnar on whose foothill Junagadh lies. Approach the authorities in the Hotels in Junagadh for a full proof travel plan. These locals are veteran their travel information comes in quite handy. You can also take Junagadh as a base and travel further into the Gir National Park where some rare species of the Asiatic lions still exists.

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Hotel Leo Resorts, Junagadh

Taleti Road

40.5 Km
2.9 Km
The Lotus Hotel, Junagadh

Station Road

38.4 Km
1.8 Km
Hotel Vishala, Junagadh

Opp S.T. Road

39.0 Km
950m Km
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