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Hotels in Khajjiar

Driving down from Jot with the snow capped Dhauladhar keeping time on your right, you enter the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and screech…..hault- you suddenly find yourself facing a vast green velvety glade enclosed on all sides with a thick pine forest- and you know that you have reached Khajjiar. The hotels in Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh are ready to welcome you to their interiors for a memorable stay at Khajjiar.

Khajjiar is simply put- as beautiful as can get. Nestled at the heart of the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary famous for its bears, Khajjiar is a forlorn reverie one must not miss on a tour to Himachal Pradesh India. The green glade a natural meadow and grazing ground for cattle with a pond in its center is what makes Khajjiar what it is. And the hotels in Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh are all built around this glade.

If you can beat the birds in the pace of early rising, and is brave enough to face the morning chill on your skin, get out of your snug room and blanket and visit the meadow at dawn. You'll find all the cloud and mist of the world gathered there slumbering quietly on the still waters of the pond. As day breaks and the cattle start gathering in ones and twos, to munch their breakfast, the horse owners and tourists start pouring in. Most of the tourists who visit Khajjiar however, make the mistake of staying at Dalhousie and visit Khajjiar as a part of their sightseeing program around Dalhousie. Its true however, that they realize their mistake as soon as they face the glade.

The reason behind the ignorance of the tourists is twofold- one, most think there are not many hotels in Khajjiar in India, and two, not many like to stay at a place that is completely alien to the concept of marketplace. Khajjiar is basically a village and the hotels in Khajjiar have to buy their supplies either from Chamba the district headquarters (22 km) or from Dalhousie (24 km).

When evening falls and the noise-making tourists board their buses and taxis, Khajjiar gets back to shape. Khajjiar is one of those places where the least you can be bothered about is people. When the tourists retire and the locals make way for their villages and the tourists put up at the few hotels in Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh, retire to the warmth of their rooms, you can just sit at one end of the glade with darkness embracing you tightly from all sides and listen to the buzz of the cricket.

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Hotel Royal Residency

Khajjiar Chamba Road

126 Km
101 Km
Resort Shining Star

Khajjiar near. Dalhousie distt. Chamba H.P, Postal Code

108 Km
95 Km
Hotel Devdar

Khajjiar (H.P.)

108 Km
95.1 Km
Hotel Mini Swiss

Khajjiar, Distt. Chamba

117 Km
104 Km
Showing : 1-4 out of 4